REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT  Meeting of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee  Wednesday, October 10, 2012 

REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Meeting of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee Wednesday, October 10, 2012 3pm – 4:30pm, LRC 107 Notes 1. Call Attendees to Order: Utpal Goswami, Roxanne Metz, Shannon Sullivan, Jeff Cummings, Angelina Hill, Tami Matsumoto, Julia Peterson, Dan Calderwood, Keith Snow‐Flamer, Crislyn Parker‐notes 2. Action Items 2a. Committee Membership, Charge/Scope:  The committee reviewed the operating charter and agreed to changes as made. There was discussion on how the IEC can best communicate with committees and the district.  It was agreed to add line item 8‐to initiate a periodic review of the strategic plan and update as necessary.  The committee agreed to include as a regular agenda item monitoring the planning calendar, and will prepare a report on deadlines and progress twice a semester. This periodic review will include all planning. 2b. Meeting schedule  It was agreed the IEC will meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 3p.m. and, if necessary, more in the spring semesters. BPC meets on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays.  A suggestion was made for the IEC chairs to meet with and orient new members prior to the next meeting.  The IEC will meet on Wednesday, October 31 at 3pm 3. Discussion Items 3a. 2013‐2014 Annual Plan  The IEC needs to be familiar with the annual planning calendar to determine what happens next. Because the 2012‐13 annual plan was developed off schedule (per the Planning Manual), by November, a draft 2013‐14 annual plan needs to be completed, especially so program review authors can link program plans and resource requests to the 2013‐14 annual plan.  During the convocation planning session, some groups developed a two‐year plan, which is now a working draft. Cabinet is aware the 2013‐14 plan needs to be developed. It is anticipated a summit will happen in the last two weeks of October to develop the plan and put us current with our timeline. 3b. Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard  IR has updated the Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard. The committee reviewed and discussed slight changes to the format for clarity.  Some data was not available and is noted as not available.  Much of the data is similar, but there were several areas that should be watched closely: 1. Retention, under Student Success because of the faculty drop option, the impact is unknown; 2. Basic Skills success (we fall short) 3. Basic Skills improvements are good, partly due to a new tracking tool in DataMart; 4. Degree completion 5. Transfers: IR tracks Transfers as students who came to CR, took courses, and transferred to a 4‐year college. After discussion, the committee agreed this format is fine. IR will make the necessary title changes to better reflect what the data represents. (It was noted that in the future, funding is going to be based on Career Technical, Basic Skills and/or transfer related courses; so the external community will look at our measure–student(s) came to CR and then transferred.)  It was agreed to clarify the full‐time/part‐time fall to fall Persistence is for CR students and a benchmark could be determined by looking at a rolling 5‐year period. The text will be changed to reflect the full‐time/part‐time fall to fall Persistence is for CR students, and the ARCC is a statewide cohort.  FTES under Access are the state cap for resident students. Our benchmark will be the FTES submitted in the budget.IR will make the appropriate changes. Basic Skills benchmark will be an N/A. “Benchmark” will become “target.”  The committee agreed, under the Learning Enhancement, to include previous year’s assessment score, when we have assessment history; otherwise it is ok as is.  The committee discussed and agreed to change the % Full (class section) to FTES/Section, and the target will be N/A (this is a better measure). A new item will be added: Class cancellation, with a target of less than 10%  The accreditation visiting team will see an updated scorecard when they visit. 4. Other discussion items:  The committee discussed having a standard agenda/minutes format for all committees. A template can be created and put online for easy access.  There was a discussion about clarifying the role of cabinet, expanded cabinet and expanded cabinet with deans; for example, are these advisory committees to the executive cabinet/president? 5. Agenda items for future meetings:  A suggestion was made to review the current education master and strategic plans to the extent they are sufficient in scope to ensure completion of the five year plan.  Discuss a spring planning summit 6. Adjournment Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 31, at 3pm in the New Boardroom. All other meetings are scheduled in LRC 107. An Outlook Invite for all dates will be sent.