College of the Redwoods Basic Skills Committee February 20, 2015 Meeting Agenda

College of the Redwoods
Basic Skills Committee
February 20, 2015 Meeting
1. Meeting Called to Order: Erin Wall, Steven Jackson, Pam Kessler, Tracey Thomas, Angelina
Hill, Cliff Clendenen, Kristy Carlsen, Harry Pyke, Crislyn Parker-support
2. Approve 12/5/14 and 2/6/15 Notes:
 2/6/15: approved as corrected
 12/5/14: approved as stand
3. Action Item(s):
3.1 Approve an addition to the Basic Skills Fund request form (regarding alternate funding)
 Agreed to change the language for item 8 to include: are you receiving or applying for
funding from other sources? If so, where from (then BSC we can check with Pru).
 The deadline for new requests is open, but must be received by Friday, February 27 for the
March 6 meeting.
4. Discussion Items
4.1 Information from Monthly Basic Skills Coordinators Webinar (please refer to the attached
document provided by Katie Hearn for the webinar-see the highlighted sections)
 The Chancellor’s office chose Canvas as the common course management system for the
Online Education Initiative; Unicom for the common assessment (for math and English).
and LinkSys for content.
 Katie Hearn presented an acceleration draft report. Some items of note:
o It was found, of students who completed English acceleration courses with CAP in
2011-12, that their odds of completing college level gateway courses were “2.3 times
higher in effective accelerated English pathways than in traditional remediation and
4.5 times higher in accelerated math pathways.”
o Raw data by math equity showed increased success in black students.
o Katie emphasized the need for support of and professional development for faculty who
are learning to teach in new ways.
 Madelyn Arballo presented statistics, allocations and the need for basic skills and non-credit
programs; and steps for creating a Professional Learning Community of NC Basic Skills
 Discussed how to interact with the community and build networks, to increase incentive for
certificates and enrollment in non-credit.
4.2 Basic Skills Funds Budget Review
 Suggestion to submit a request for some type of funding for the Hmong community.
 The BSC Annual Report due by July 31st.
4.3 Multiple Measures Update – Angelina
 Angelina, Keith and others met with Debra Sheldon and a representative from the
Chancellor’s Office, who confirmed non-validated skill assessment tests must be approved
by the chancellor’s office and we must immediately stop if we are using any which have not
been approved, including Optimath, until validated. This applies to English, chemistry, etc.
as well. A larger conversation will be initiated.
888‐450‐4821 8737609 College of the Redwoods
Basic Skills Committee
February 20, 2015 Meeting
For now, advising guidelines will have to be revised. This affects other schools. The
Chancellor’s office will actively clarify to these schools.
Reasons we use these placement tests are to aid in student success, and possible changes to
funding based on completions. We can move to High School GPAs for recent high school
grads, but we need processes in place for returning adults.
5. Other/Future Agenda Items
 Other: The Community of Practice in Growth Mindset application is due end of March, and
is northern CA specific. Priority to mixed discipline teams.
 Future: How to spend the balance of $25,000 BS funds.
 Future: Determine a team to attend the COP-Growth Mindset. BSC will fund/support cross a
discipline team (2 to 4 faculty). How to communicate to faculty that BSC will support and
find out if there is interest.
 One day CAP conference available-Pam Kessler will let people know.
Next meeting: Friday, March 6, 2015 9:00am -10am, SS 104
888‐450‐4821 8737609