REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Emergency Preparedness & Safety Committee Agenda

Emergency Preparedness &
Safety Committee
Wednesday, April 20, 2011
3:00 p.m.
Eureka Campus
LRC 107
1. Call to Order
2. Introductions (Thank Lori for her work with the committee and welcome Crislyn Parker)
3. Approve Minutes from March 23rd meeting*
4. HOACC Announcements (CERT Revitalization, PSICs update, etc.)
5. 2010-2011 Activity Summary
8. Discussions
9. Subcommittee Reports (5 minutes each, time permitting)
Emergency Preparedness (EP) – Ali Hodges, Paul Agpawa, Jenessa Lund
Behavior Intervention (BIT) – Melissa Green and Matt Malkus
Security/Facilities (S/F) – George Kapitan, Tim Flanagan, and Garry Patrick
Health & Safety (H&S) – Paul Agpawa
10. Open Agenda Items
Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 3-4pm
12. Announcements
Emergency Preparedness and Safety Committee
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
3:00 p.m.
Eureka Campus
LRC 107
Paul Agpawa, Robert Ekholdt, Tim Flanagan, Ali Hodges, Jenessa Lund,
Stephen McCollum (phone) Cheryl Tucker, and Lorie Walsh.
The meeting minutes from February 16, 2011, were unanimously
Tsunami Siren
Paul reported that a Tsunami siren was donated to the district by the Office
of Emergency Services (OES). The siren will need to be refurbished and a
controller and an antenna will need to be purchased to enable the operation
of the siren. The estimated cost to make the siren operational is $7,000.
Once the siren is installed and becomes operational the OES will control it.
Review of
(EOP, H&S)
The committee reviewed the updates to the Emergency Operation Plan and
Health and Safety documents that Paul recently made. There was
discussion about the phone tree and whether or not personal phone
numbers should be listed in the public document. It was agreed that
campus Security Department will maintain a listing of personal cell phone
numbers, which will be used to contact key personnel in the event of an
emergency or disaster. It was recommended that Matt Malkus, Principal of
Academy of the Redwoods also be added to the emergency contact listing.
Tsunami Event
There was discussion regarding the tsunami event that took place on
March 11. It was noted that the emergency notification system that was
used by the Office of Emergency Services worked well in alerting citizens
throughout Humboldt County of the impending tsunami.
It was noted by the committee that there is a significant need for the
district to have an automated alert system such as Alert Now, which is a
user-friendly system that sends emergency alerts through cell phones and
could be used in any type of emergency situation.
Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2011, 3:00 p.m. in the
LRC 107
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.
Emergency Preparedness & Safety Committee
Summary 2010-2011
During the 2010-2011 year the EP&S committee has accomplished goals which are in
alignment with Accreditation Standards Area III, Physical Resources, Safety. Through
the establishment of closer ties with state and local agencies and community
organizations, the committee was able to get specific training in ICS and CERT for the
emergency response team members. This led to the formation of the districts first
trained emergency response team (CERT) and implementation and compliance of the
NIMS/ICS system, planning and participation in college and statewide drills (fire drills,
Shakeout) and hosting of a Red Cross workshop. Additionally, the webpage was
revised and updated along with updates on the EOP, Emergency Procedures, and other
documents. The committee integrated BIT, Health & Safety, Security, Facilities, and
Emergency Preparedness as components of the committee in order to prevent a
duplication of efforts and is inclusive of all sites within the district. The committee has
several activities that are in process, application for the EMHE grant (Emergency
Management for Higher Education), request for communication equipment from
Humboldt OES (PSIC grant), CERT training grant, and registration and training for
CAHAN (California Health Alert Network) Through a donation from the OES the
committee acquired a tsunami siren and is currently seeking funding for installation.
College of the Redwoods Community College District
Radio Communications Project
January 13, 2011
The scope of this project covers the Redwoods Community College District which
services 4 northern California counties, Humboldt, Mendocino, Del Norte and Trinity.
We currently operate and maintain 2 frequencies: 154.154 and 151.895 which are limited
to our main campus geographical location Lat: 40-41-55 Long: 124-11-55, Call Sign:
KSLS98, WWKK378 respectively.
This purpose of the project is to bring into compliance the FCC regulation to
narrowbanding the district’s radio communications system. It will also provide the
district with the capability for interoperability and alignment of our system with law
enforcement, emergency response, search and rescue and other public agencies. In
addition, the acquisition of 10 additional handheld radios, a mobile station, and a repeater
will provide the district with better geographical coverage and communications capability
for our emergency response teams and ICS command structure in the event of an
The college currently owns and operates 6 mobile stations and 52 handheld radios. 3 of
the mobile stations and 7 of the handheld radios do not have the capability for narrow
banding and will require replacement with compliant equipment. Additionally, due to the
geographical and physical layout of the Eureka campus radio coverage in certain areas is
either poor or non-existent.
The following is the equipment listing that is currently in service by the college:
NB Capable
Kenwood TK-260
Kenwood TK-260G
Kenwood TK-272G
Motorola Handheld (Unkn Mdl)
Motorola Mobile (Unkn Mdl)
Kenwood TK-762HG-1
P25 Capable
Option 1:
In order to be compliant with the FCC narrowbanding requirement the college will need
to have 45 handheld radios and 4 mobile radios reprogrammed. The college will also
need to replace the non-compliant equipment and purchase new handhelds, mobile radio
and a repeater as stated above.
Option 2:
If the requirement for the PSIC grant requires that the communication equipment needs to
be P25 upgradeable, then all of the current communications equipment will have to be
Cost Estimates
The following is cost estimates for the project Option 1:
Reprogramming 45 Handheld Kenwood TK Series Radios
10 Kenwood NX200 Handheld P25 Upgradeable
10 Kenwood KRA26M Antennas
10 Kenwood KSC32 Rapid Rate Chargers
20 Kenwood KNB47L 1950 MAH Batteries
1 Kenwood Repeater System (per Quote)
2 Kenwood NX700 Mobile Radios
2 Antenna and Mounts
The following cost estimates for the project Option 2:
As per attached quotes for radios, antennas and batteries
1 Kenwood Repeater System (per Quote)
Respectfully Submitted,
Paul W. Agpawa
College of the Redwoods
Co-Chair EP&S Committee