Notes Present: Geisce Ly, Roxanne Metz, Steve Brown, Mike Richards,... Sally Frazier, Connie Carlson, Crislyn Parker, notes

Flex Advisory Committee
2:00 p.m. – LRC 107
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Present: Geisce Ly, Roxanne Metz, Steve Brown, Mike Richards, Mark Winter,
Sally Frazier, Connie Carlson, Crislyn Parker, notes
Roxanne gave a brief overview of the last meeting
Suggested what to apply to flex, committees, activities, etc.
Our focus for fall is to have the goals forms completed and submitted
There was discussion that, because this committee is broad based, we
should have a CRFO member as part of the committee.
There was discussion on who should have oversight of flex activities
The scope of this committee is to focus on faculty flex requirements and
ensure compliance of flex guidelines
1. Brief Review of Goals submitted to date
a. Number/Percentage received for full-time and part-time faculty
 To date: Associate Faculty turned in 122 of 235, Full-time Faculty
turned 35 of approximately 80
 The committee discussed whether to ask the Dean’s and/or CRFO to
serve as enforcers in getting the forms submitted
 It was discussed to hold workshops on submitting flex requirements,
and review the process in division meetings
 The committee discussed how to inform faculty when major changes
are made in the process. Ultimately, attaching detailed instructions of
changes, responsibilities, and sample activities, along with the flex
form, and including a brief summary in the email when sending out the
call for flex, would be best
 Roxanne summarized what she is hearing is a recommendation for
more communication and outreach. Roxanne will work with Connie
and Crislyn to improve communication
 Faculty have asked questions and the committee needs to clarify when
professional development activities counts: contract/academic year or
fiscal year?
 Regarding review of the goals submitted, Roxanne thinks we should
provide general feed back; be flexible. A focus for this year is to clarify
what activities should apply and which should not.
 The committee discussed more modifications of the form:
o change the title to “faculty flex agreement” and include a check
list on how it applies (i.e. flex activities are intended to do xxx)
o faculty need to tie their flex activities to mission, strategic
planning, student learning
o contractual activities do not count toward flex; activities that go
beyond the scope of the contract or are in addition do; show
 There are four domains for the flex committee: accountability and
compliance; process; review; planning
o Accountability and peer review are initial priorities to meet the
chancellor’s office requirement
o Review of submission to ensure goals meet Flex guidelines
o The committee needs to determine charge, scope, and
membership for the website. Should this be formal and vetted
through the shared governance process and college council?
 Roxanne noted there is an organizational development consortium
statewide and it might be good to identify someone from this committee
or CR to participate, to determine best practices
 Due to time constraints, the next meeting will include review of a draft
mission, scope, membership statement
 A standing item will be to monitor compliance
 Committee agreed Thursdays at 2pm, on the first 1st and 3rd
Wednesdays, good meeting times. (Next meeting Oct 6, 2p to 3p?)
2. Review of Faculty Flex Survey Results (moved to future meeting)
3. Discussion of Process for Planning/Recommending Flex Activities
(moved to future meeting)
4. Streamlining the Goals/Activity Process (moved to future meeting)
a. Developing a web page for submission
b. Sample form (from Fullerton)
Streamlining Flex Activity Planning moved to future meeting)