REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Meeting of the Associate Faculty Committee

Meeting of the Associate Faculty Committee
Eureka: 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, SS 202 (Board Room)
Thursday, April 16, 2015
3:00 p.m.
1. Call to Order – 3:00
2. Introductions and Public Comment: Participants are invited to make comments
regarding any subject appropriate to the Associate Faculty Committee.
Introductions – Jacqui Cain will be running the meeting in Sandra’s absence.
3. Approve Thursday, March 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes – MOTION:
KALLICK/FALBO move to approve the minutes - APPROVED
4. Reports
4.1 Associate Faculty Information/Reminders – Connie Carlson – final flex forms
are due by Friday, May 8; summer contracts will be out next week; retro pay
and the updated salary schedule will be implemented in the May 10th check.
Hopefully everyone has completed their availability form and should be
responding to Tiffany Schmitcke for accepting or declining classes.
4.2 CRFO Update – Jacqui Cain – last meeting talked about agency fees, there
were two options – flat fee and the other was a percentage. A survey monkey
has been sent out to all dues paying members, the survey goes for 30 days or
until 50% of the members have voted. Questions about how the agency fee
would affect the constitution - Peter Blakemore will be working on
implementation and to update the constitution this summer. CCCI
representatives were also at the meeting, bill in committee now to make state
law about seniority for Associate Faculty – with a satisfactory evaluation you
would be guaranteed a certain amount of TLUs. Our contract has 5 bullets for
rehire with seniority as just one of the considerations. 4 union members will
be attending the CCCI meeting next week in Sacramento. Question as to how
evaluations rank – satisfactory; evaluate again in the next semester, or release.
Vinnie – great to have CCCI in attendance,
4.3 Academic Senate Update – Jacqui Cain – Colette Beaupre provided her
report in writing with a handout from Angelina Hill. Take a minute to
review. Letters of support for the nominees for the Associate Faculty of the
year can be submitted to Debbie Williams. Sandra Rowan is on the road to a
conference – it is being funded through Faculty Development. Jacqui brought
up that Colette Beaupre is unavailable to be the senator next year as it
conflicts with her schedule. We need two new senators – one for a one-year
appointment and the other as a two-year appointment. A statement has been
sent out requesting volunteers – please submit or nominate someone (who is
interested in the position) a statement of intent should be included. Due by
April 24th, then a survey monkey will be sent out.
5. Discussion Items
5.1 None
6. Announcements and Open Forum – Professional Development survey for Associate
Faculty – please complete. Sandra has spoken to some Associate Faculty regarding
next year’s contract, it is IBB, need to see what is in the best interest of everyone.
Proper phrasing is essential – for example – not Associate Faculty need health
benefits – more applicants would probably apply if we had health benefits were
available. Negotiations council is open to everyone. Will need to include in new
Associate Faculty orientation information about the new CRFO agency fees. New
BOTY announcement next week – Yellow Birds (Iraqi war veteran wrote the book.)
Deborah Kallick – inquired about the evaluation process, would appreciate having
this information in advance. (Provide AF 2 to new hires when the AF 4 is sent out)
Deborah also asked about attending out of area chemistry meetings – would need to
apply for faculty development funds ($500 max for Associate Faculty.) Basic Skills
Committee will also consider requests from Associate Faculty for conferences. .
7. Adjournment – meeting adjourned at 3:37 p.m.
Public Notice—Nondiscrimination:
College of the Redwoods does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, age,
gender, sexual orientation, color or disability in any of its programs or activities. College
of the Redwoods is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for persons with
disabilities. Upon request this publication will be made available in alternate formats.
Please contact Debbie Williams, Administrative Office Assistant to the Academic Senate,
7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501, (707) 476-4259, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Next Meeting:
Fall, 2015