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Student Development Leadership Group Tuesday September 22, 2015, 11:30 pm – 12:30 pm Notes Present:

Mark Winter, Lynn Thiesen, Cathy Cox, Rianne Conner Trish Blair, Sheila Hall, Kintay Johnson, Julia Peterson, Brady Reed, Cheryl Tucker, Crislyn Parker-support 

Area updates:



Crystal Morse is on the leadership team for the Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee (JSPAC), whose mission is to promote equity and success in CTE for students from special populations. o o o Crystal will increase awareness of veterans in colleges; suggested she should be part of the student equity team.


attending a Libraries Conference – topics include libraries and DE in student equity planning.


Student Equity should also include non-credit representation o


Brady will head (TRIO); a new support program for low income students and students with disabilities with academic needs. Grant requires we serve a minimum of 140 students,


EOPS-Marc Vannguyen, the new counselor in DN and can assist with Pelican Bay. The ASC, with help from the BSC, is implementing an instructional basic skills math. o CR will offer a winter term for non-credit only: 12/13/15 – 1/14/16. 

Stanford Project:

Mark has been discussing with researchers CR participation in a four-year project: o $5000 for initial assessments: Researchers come to CR, assess students through focus groups and surveys, look at demographics, persistence and success data; then talk with staff and discuss next steps or strategies. Cost of $35,000 to implement strategies. Goal is to mold to CR culture. o Agreed, as long as this ties into our current initiatives we should move forward with the initial consulting and determine later if we wish to adopt and implement their strategies. 

Staff Profile in Weekly VPISD Newsletter/email:

updates and for board recognition. Open invitation. please send Mark staff profile(s) to include in weekly 

Healthy Workplace

: The senate is eager to keep the momentum going from convocation regarding safety, communication, morale, respect and organizational behavior. Send requests for topics to Mark. 


Mark will email matrix that shows the standards specific to SSLD. 

Email Migration

: beginning with Managers, Directors, and Administration. 

GUID 215

: A noncredit, student ed plan development course. Sheila is recruiting faculty. Psych department is piloting a Canvas community for faculty and students to engage, access resources and counseling support. Discussed whether a Guidance 215 type of support could be offered for online. Task is to discern the logistics of this. 


o HR Reorganization is in progress. One driving issue is to include a satisfactory professional o o development program, per accreditation. Scheduling specialist position out and will report to the Director of A&R. SEP: Tracey may be a consultant and work with Angelina the SEP committee to author the Student Equity Plan, due in December. The committee structure is being re-considered to better fulfill the state requirements of the program. 


o Salary restoration: Board mandated we finalize all faculty and staff restorations.