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Instructional Council
Monday July 20, 2015, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm,
Present: Mark Winter, Rory Johnson, Cathy Cox, Sheila Hall, Joe Hash, Tracey Thomas, Marla
Gleave, Ron Waters, Julia Peterson, Erin Wall, Crislyn Parker-support
Introductions were made for the benefit of Cathy Cox, new Director
Purpose: “Leaders of Instruction and Student Development coordinate programs, activities,
policies, near-and mid-term plans across instructional and student development areas, including
an extension of topics covered in the integrated planning committee.”
Brief directors/deans status report:
o Marla: Cheryl Kruger is the new interim Administrative Secretary
o Sheila: focus on implementing the new student planning and retention modules
o Joe Hash: Matt McCann remains the Athletic counselor. Sports Auction August 13.
o Tracey: last day September 13; the multifunctional science lab in DN should break ground
in the Spring; Math and English are piloting a common assessment/multiple measures
project; Tracey is assisting HR with “employee onboarding” for new hires, which is a more
coordinated approach to professional development and orientation.
o Ron: working to move more AJ courses, offered both in Eureka and Del Norte, online
o Rory: one classroom is being converted to a telepresence room; three courses are scheduled
to be broadcast from Eureka to Del Norte
Enrollment initiatives
o Pelican Bay – Joe (attachment): Janice Nelson, Pelican Bay met with various CR
personnel, Friday, July 10 at CR regarding face to face classes for Pelican Bay inmates. CR
will move with non-credit in the fall, credit in the spring. Faculty orientation of 10 hours is
mandatory; Janice recommends 40 hours. 10 hours have been SARTCO approved, and the
additional 30 is in negotiation. Janice would like to video inmates speaking of this
opportunity to share with faculty. The task force continues to meet and discuss what
courses to offer; discussion on how to provide research opportunities for inmates in the
prison environment is ongoing. Rory would like to add a member(s) to the task force;
determine how Pelican Bay impacts the DN site and how they can utilize existing DN
resources. Task Force meetings are usually Wednesdays at 10am.
o Dual Enrollment – Marla: Draft process and forms are in progress. Goal is to have
information to the Senate in September to pilot the preparation process fall 2015 for Eureka
H.S. Anticipating in February 2016, having Eureka H.S. and North Humboldt identify
classes to begin the preparation process for 2017 course offerings. Clarification on dual
enrollment vs. concurrent: per state requirements, because a student is receiving both high
school and college credit, the instructor must have high school credentials. The high school
instructor will align courses to CR specifications. Classes are not open to anyone.
Concurrent enrollment students are taking college courses for college credit, after high
school hours, taught by CR faculty, and open to all. Contact Marla for additional questions
or information on Dual Enrollment.
o Distance Education – Cathy: Telepresence installation is down to the wire, but as noted by
Rory, three classes are scheduled for fall. Canvas workshops are being scheduled for
Convocation, and the three days prior to Convocation (8/17, 18, 19). Trainings will be
scheduled for some evenings the first two weeks of the semester as well. An evening
support for canvas gap has been identified and solutions considered. Cathy is working on
functional plans with the DE committee, as well as addressing the online faculty evaluation
issue and student online course evaluations. Cathy will ask Reno to offer Canvas training
to student services people.
Convocation Planning Update: Broad topics and multiple workshops identified. Final
confirmations are in progress. Mark is anticipating the final schedule to be out by August 1st.
Education Master Plan and Accreditation Self Study: Angelina Hill and IEC are in charge. The
goal is to have the EMP ready at the same time as the Self Study, October 2017. 2016 is to
generate internal and external information and create a draft for review and revision by summer of
Other: (added agenda item):
o Tracey received flyers for safety preparedness and, per Burk, will post in various areas. She
would like the IC to be responsible for seeing to it that safety information and instruction is
disseminated in all areas. She would like feedback to improve safety processes.
o Per Joe, office moves have been set up for some faculty, but would like to know the process
and status. He has new faculty who needs a space, computer, etc. Response is that Keith
ordered new computers for new faculty, but it is up to the deans to ensure they have
everything needed.
o Some inconsistencies have been identified with AP 5530; specifically the form and the
policy do not have the same timelines. Per Mark, the AP takes precedence over the form,
but he will take to college council on how to remedy this.
o Committee agreed that meetings will be held on the first and third Mondays, from 11am to
Future agenda items
o Multiple-measures implementation team
o Review Scheduling Processes (timeline, FTES/F allocations, site/time/instructor)
o Issues specific to DE (e.g., instructor assignment, peer instructor evaluators, student
o Clarification of ADT development (Cathy and Marla will send July 2015 curriculum
institute notes to the committee)