Brief Bio Music and Musicology Science

Brief Bio
1. Personal Information
Name: Ayat Nasser Rashid Al-Matani
Academic Rank: Demonstrator
Department: Music and Musicology Science
Specialization: Musicology
Minor specialization:
Address: Sultan Qaboos University, College of Arts & Social Sciences. P.O Box 42, P.C. 123. Al-Khod, Sultanate of Oman.
2. Employment History
Place of Work (Institution)
College of Arts and Social Sciences , Sultan
Qaboos University
Language Centre, Sultan Qaboos University
Office Manger (Part time)
(6 months)
3. Education and Qualifications
3- 1 Qualifications
College of Arts and Social Sciences , Sultan 2014
Bachelor of Art (BA.) in Music
Qaboos University
3-2 Courses Taught
4-1 Research Interests
Music Portnge in Oman
Royle Oprah House Oman, Education Department
4-2 Papers (5 most important or recent papers)
4-3 Conferences (5 most important or recent conferences)
5. Awards
6. Community Service
6-1 Community services (Lectures – Seminars – etc….)
Participated in Activities of the Scientific and Cultural day organized by Arts and Social Sciences College (20102011).
Organize and Present musical events in Music and Musicology Department.
Participating in the French conference and playing music.
Present the musical events in conference hall 2011.
Participated in the Sixth Academic Program for Teachers (26-1 to 5-2 / 2015).
Presenter in job and Training Fair 2014.
Participated in monitoring tests teachers of the ministry on 05/10/2014 and on 28/6/2014.
Participated Actively in the Academic Accreditation workshop ,Arts and Social Sciences college 5/4/2015.
Member of the Accreditation Program at college of Arts and Social Sciences(2014-2017).
Member of the student communication Committee for Art and social studies collage (2009-2014).
An organizer at Blood Donation Campaign at Sultan Qaboos University 2014.
Prepare and supervise Student Activities Exhibition in the Language Centre in December 2015.
An organizer at Career and Training Opportunities Fair 2014, Sultan Qaboos University.
6-2 Committee membership (5 main committees)
1|P age