Faculty Senate Minutes May 3, 2013 Roll Call:

Faculty Senate Minutes
May 3, 2013
1. Call to Order: Jim Heflin called the meeting to order 3:05 p. m.
Roll Call:
a. Present: Present: Syred Ahmed, Ali Soylu, Cova Newman, Joanni Sailor,
Yoosin Oh, , Eric Abbott, Edna McMillan,Roy Couch, Gary Kowaluk,
Sarah Janda, Yingqin Liu, Jeffery Metzger, Yanjun Zhao, Justin Walton,
Irene Corriette, Rebecca Easley, , Mike Estep, Keith Vitense and Jason
b. Absent: Lynda Robinson, Andra Hunt, Ashley Garrnett, Tahzeeba Frisby,
Elizabeth Miller, Linda Wright-Smith, Frankie White, Mary Penick, Jeff
Taylor, Ellis Hooley, and Colten Kennendy
2. Introduced Faculty Retirees:
a. Tony Allison, Mark Stegmaier, and Larry Young. Each retiree received a
gift of a Cameron clock.
3. Approval of April 3, 2013 Minutes:
a. Jim Heflin called for the approval of the minutes for April 3, 2013. Motion
made to accept the minutes as written was seconded and passed
4. Rules Committee report
a. Justin Walton presented recent election results. Motion made to accept
the results was seconded and passed unanimously. There were three tied
votes that will be decided in a University wide election in Fall 2013.
b. Discussed accepting Robert’s Rules of Order as a constitutional
amendment. The vote was 9 in favor and 8 opposed. The amendment
will be included in the Fall 2013 election ballot.
5. Academic Standards and Policies Committee Proposal
a. Proposal regarding changes to the composition of representation on the
Academic Standards and Policy Committee. It was recommended that
five faculty be elected at large – one from each school as well as adding
one member at large position. Motion made to accept the proposal was
seconded and passed unanimously. The item will be placed on the ballot
for Fall 2013.
6. Committee Agenda and Reports
a. Faculty Committee – completed all business for the year.
b. Long Range Planning committee – will meet next week.
c. Rules Committee – plan to review the status of the Going Green
Committee; will look at the campus elections process and who the new
administrator will be now that Dr. Chris Keller has stepped down. The
committee thanked Dr. Keller for all his work; they also thanked Dr.
McArthur for supporting the election process.
7. President’s Gift Committee Report
a. Dr. Edna McMillan provided recommendation regarding a gift for Dr.
Ross. The cost per faculty senator was discussed. There was unanimous
agreement among the senators.
8. Introduction of Dr. Mike Dunn, new Chair of Faculty Senate
a. Dr. Dunn was welcomed; Dr. Heflin was thanked for his service as the
previous Chair of Faculty Senate.
9. Old Business.
a. None
10. New Business.
a. There was a discussion regarding what committee would assist with
teaching, research, and learning regarding new technology in the classroom.
It was agreed that Academic Standards and Policies would be the correct
committee to refer questions to.
b. The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held on August 16, 2013.
11. Adjourn.
a. At 4:05 PM Dr. Dunn adjourned the April 12, 2013 meeting of the Faculty