April 1, 2011

MEMBERS PRESENT: Barbara Pickthorn, Jim Heflin, Sean Eckrote, Barkley Kirk, Stephanie

Belter, Cody Gardner, Chad Hagermann, Taylor Brunwald, Zeak Naifeh, Jennifer Holland

ALSO PRESENT: Debbie Mefford

MEMBERS ABSENT: Greg Herring, Jordan Jones, Charles Underwood


The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.


Jennifer Holland informed the committee that none of the presenters she had contacted were able to attend this week, but Honors and Computing and

Technology would be able to attend the meeting on April 8th. She then shared the requested information from the Art Department and CU Duncan.


VP Holland asked the committee to begin the review of proposals. a.

Art – VP Holland said the funding for software listed in the proposal was used to help with student’s portfolios and was not academic in nature. The committee felt the information VP Holland shared answered their questions and recommends the requested amount of $10,500. b.

CU Duncan – The committee felt that CU-Duncan could use additional funding for the number of students they serve, but VP Holland stated that when she had spoken with Susan Camp she had expressed their current problem is personnel and time to use additional funds. CU-Duncan is trying to address the problem, and with the help of recent full time faculty, they are doing a wonderful job. The committee wanted to encourage additional support for activities at CU-Duncan and recommends full funding request of $6500. c.

CUTV - The committee questioned why KCCU proposed the request and controlled the funding for CUTV, when it seems the request should come from the Communication Department. The committee also mentioned issues with

TV’s across campus never having sound. The committee recommends full funding of $10,000. d.

Education – This department has requested funding in the past but not in the last two years. The committee is supportive of Education efforts. Recommends full funding request of $1,000. e.

English – Professor Hardy asked VP Holland about faculty and staff interested in publishing articles in the Gold Mine. The committee felt strongly that this should be strictly a student publication since it is funded by student activity funds. They would also like to encourage more marketing and advertising of the publication, as most of the committee members had never seen or heard of the publication.

The Gold Mine could also consider publishing online, as most of the cost requested is for printing. Recommends funding of $3,400. f.

HonorsTable g.



Military Science – The committee has some questions about the significant increase in printing costs and commissioning ceremony expenses. Table and

email i.

Music – The committee has some questions regarding scholarships. Table and

email j.

Orientation – The committee recommends full funding of $7,500 k.

Physical Science – The committee recommends full funding of $3,600 l.

Student Activities – The committee wonders how SA can fund all the additional activities and serve all the additional students with only $1000 increase, but recommends full funding of $28,000. They also recommend that additional funds be made available to Student Activities if needed, as available. m.

Student Development – The committee feels requests that Student Development continue marketing to increase student awareness and recommends full funding of $2500. n.

Student Government – The committee wonders how SGA can function on the same amount of funding that has been received in the past. Zeak Naifeh,

Director of Student Activities states that funding has worked, but he will look closely at the budget request for next year. The committee recommends full funding of $12,000. o.

Student Wellness – This is a new request and the committee feels that the

Wellness Center is a very important addition to the campus. They hope the WC will make good use of the requested funds and recommends more marketing.

They aren’t looking for more events, but they suggest these funds be used to grow and enhance existing events. Recommends full funding request of $$2,500 p.

SwAHEC – Recommends funding request of $1,500 q.

Theatre Arts – The committee has questions about the use of the theatre and would like a representative to come to the next meeting. Table, contact and

attend next meeting r.

Theatre Fees – The committee would like to have some questions answered regarding fees. Table, contact and attend next meeting


VP Holland recommended the committee break for the day and continue at the next scheduled meeting, Friday, April 8th. The committee agreed unanimously to resume at the next meeting.


VP Holland told the committee that she would contact the tabled proposal representatives and ask them to be present at the next meeting or try to get an email response.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.