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Steering Committee for Information Technology
October 15, 2008 Minutes
Members Present: Aubree Helvey, Carol Claiborne, Zoe DuRant, Jennifer Holland, Sherry Hendrix, Debbie
Minute Review/Change/Acceptance of September 24, 2008 Minutes - approved
Next Meeting – November 19 at 11 a.m.
Update on Banner migration – Sherry Hendrix – due to the fact that members present are heavily involved
with the Banner migration, we did not have a report
Any Banner update info from others? There were no reports.
R23 Forms
a. CAM0095 for series of recruiting letters 40 hours submitted by Brenda Dally – time estimated
is 40 hours w/ programming performed by Kelly Simon – Jamie Glover has for
review/refinement –Jamie will be providing new guidance
b. CAM0099 from Jana Gowan for message to students regarding they may pay online was
agreed upon to be inserted in the message of the day and no programming time was required
is completed and Jana approved
Question regarding official CU e-mail notifications, such as student billing, financial aid letters, etc.,
being sent to only e-mail addresses vs. whatever e-mail address the student provides through
MyCU was discussed. John requested info regarding what OSU and University of Kansas are doing. – Debbie
presented the following information and Aubree will visit more with V.P. McArthur regarding this matter.
Kansas University – from their website:
eBills are created on or about the 21st of each month and are due on the 15th of the following month.
You will receive an eBill notification each time a new eBill is created and added to your online account. Since
all students are required to provide KU with a valid email address, student eBill notification will be sent to KU
registered email address. You can change your KU designated email address by going to In addition, you can create a Authorized user through Enroll & Pay so
another person can view your account balance, obtain eBills, and process online payments on your behalf. By
providing an email address for each authorized user, they will be notified electronically each time an eBill is
eBills will include details of current charges. Prior monthly detail can be found by viewing past bills.
If you want to pay by paper check, you must print your eBill and submit the payment remittance with your
check. All payments mailed to the lockbox in Kansas City must include the remittance form. Failure to do this
will delay the process of your payment. In addition, please include student KUID number on the check.
OSU does send statements via email. This falls outside my area but I would be happy to get you in touch with the
individual who is in charge of this.
Each student gets an O-Key account. This gives them an email and storage. They can opt to keep the
address or transfer it to one they already have. I haven’t seen the numbers lately so I will request to see the
percentages of those that opt for transfer vs keeping the okstate address and will share them with you. We are
looking at Google or Microsoft or some other entity for student email. The cost of Exchange and the antispam are
pretty extensive for the student population. We also have some that would like to give a ‘life-long’ email address to
the students.
We don’t place a blanket message at the end of each email…yet. This has been the topic of many discussions. This
is a version that some are using which is an adaptation from the one our legal counsel uses.
“This communication and any accompanying document(s) are or may be confidential. They are intended for the sole
use of the addressee. If you receive this transmission in error, you are advised that any copying, distribution, or taking
of any action in reliance upon the communication is strictly prohibited. If you received this communication in error,
please delete the original message from your system and immediately contact me at the above telephone number or
email address. Thank you.”
Kansas State University:
We have not been sending paper bills for about 3 years now. We don't actually send the eBill by e-mail. Rather it
is a notification that a new eBill is available with a link to a secure website where the user must login to view their
eBill. We send the student eBill notification to the students at their campus e-mail address. Our eBill
provider(CASHNet) has a option that will allow students to setup other users to receive e-mail notifications at any
e-mail address. This way they can set up access for parents or to receive e-mails at another address. Our
experience has been that many of those other e-mail addresses bounce e-mails from our bulk transmission.
Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.
I know that Financial Aid also uses their official e-mail address for correspondence. Also, I know that
many departments send class information (some require classroom handouts, etc. to be printed by the student,
etc.) by Campus Email. I'm not sure of any other areas.
7. Other Topics – Jennifer Holland mentioned they would like to track two parental contacts with addresses, phones
and e-mail addresses for Aggie Parents Association. Sherry will take this to the Data Standards Committee.
Discussion regarding other forms of communication with students should be reviewed, such as text messaging,
Face Book, etc. It was suggested we might ask guests to present some interesting information on future
technologies we need to be aware of.
Meeting adjourned 11:45 a.m.