The University Writing Center Location: James E. Walker Library, Room 362

The University
Writing Center
Location: James E. Walker Library,
Room 362
Email: [email protected]
 The UWC offers FREE assistance for any writing assignment in any class, in any
major, at any stage, with any question, and for any problem.
 Our staff of writing assistants will work with you to:
o Practice prewriting and brainstorming
o Organize material
o Achieve unity, coherence, and adequate development
o Create effective opening/closing paragraphs
o Improve revision/editing skills
o Improve diction, grammar, and mechanical errors
o Prepare for standardized or essay tests
o Address grammar and writing problems through long-term assistance
o Brush up on skills when no immediate paper is due
o Develop speech outlines
o Practice speech delivery and performance
 Sessions are 25 minutes or 50 minutes—whatever best fits your needs. Walk-ins
are welcome when writing assistants are available, but appointments are
 Plan ahead and make your appointment early so you have time to revise and come
back again if needed.
 All of our handouts are available online through our website if you can’t make it to
the center for an appointment.
 Over several sessions, we can help you become a better writer! While your goal may
be to improve your grade on an individual essay, ours is to help you learn to write
more effectively throughout your college career.
If you’re ready to work, we’re here to help. Communication is the most important skill
you’ll learn in college—don’t miss this opportunity to develop your ability to effectively