Student Team General Person Mapping Continued Date: November 6, 2008

Student Team
General Person Mapping Continued
Date: November 6, 2008
Meeting Information
Duane Thowe
Note Taker
Renee Roach
Renee Roach, Linda Phillips, Julie Duncan, Debbie Goode, Kelly Simon, Sherry
General Student Mapping
GAPs Identified:
Decisions Made:
Decisions Required:
We need to communicate to Sandra what the handicapped values will
be for the SGRDISA table (this will come from Jennifer Holland, Dean of
Other Issues and
Action Items / Assignments
SGBSTDN – mapping continued from yesterday. Program
is part of the curriculum fields. If we start to build programs,
we need to map this portion. For catalog year, he (Duane)
recommends using whatever we have on the matrix record.
SHRTTRM – updated with academic standing and we will
populate when we get to that point. The significance is that
if we don’t create a student record for every semester they
are here, we might not have accurate information. For
conversion purposes, he things that SGBSTDN term code
prev. be blank. This raps up the student record mapping.
SOPLCCV – We need to run the process to build the
concurrent curriculum in order to migrate them. Duane will
run this for record terms that are closest to the go live term.
Limited to the go-live term for recruit in admissions, but for
student record, he will include the majority of the students
who are closest to the go-live term. Will cover 5 semesters;
start with go live term and work his ways 5 semesters back
from that point. We can run it on a population selection or
otherwise. Just need to run on as needed basis on the
prior terms.
SOPLCCV - Parameters are recruit, admissions, student
and student outcome. Cannot have anything in learner ID
for population selection. Rerun conversion indicator should
be set to a “Y”. Record type will either be summary or
detail. Run mode should include a “U” for update mode.
These will be parameters. When Duane runs it, he runs for
the learner id so he will pick up everybody. We would put
the students ID in there.
SGRACT – is the Student activity table. Julie provided
mapping tables for Duane to compare.
SD tables in BANNER are old CAPP tables that are no
longer available.
SGBUSER -10 fields that could be used for a different code
that are all validated against a particular value. Each
teacher education attribute can be entered into this table.
STVGSTA – status code
SGRSATT – thing to be entered in attributes?? 3 military
relate issues (go army ed, SOC, CONAP) could these be
included in attributes for each student? Duane said we
could build a cohort, but if we need reporting, attributes
would be the best way to utilize that option. He is going
over the mapping fields with Dawne right now.
SGRDISA – disability tables. WE currently do not have
information in these fields but we will enter this in the future.
We need to communicate to Sandra what the handicapped
values will be for the SGRDISA table.
We do need to convert the comments so
Admissions will have them on the student side as well.
GORVISA – entering the mapping data for international
Dawne and Kelly decided that we do need to map the
Cohorts table: SGRCHRT for admissions purposes.
We will bypass departmental honors but utilize institutional
LGPA – we will map. Dawne highlighted the yellow areas
so she knew they were required and ones that she needed
to complete.
GPA’s calculated in BANNER need to match the GPA’s in
legacy. There are 2 GPA types (institutional “I” and type “T”
for transfer and “O” for overall).
We need to make sure that Banners calculation of GPA is
working the same as Legacy GPA calculators.
SHRTRCD- table used to apply to attach a degree to. We
do currently use these to apply toward a degree. On the
institutional side SHRTCKD – applies courses to a degree;
Duane runs a script.
Cohorts: SGRCHRT – will roll from history if there is
anything currently in there.
CRN Attributes are by CRN – we may have historical data
to enter in there. Coursework for first-time freshmen.
SHRATTC – Historical course section attributes. We
decided to red tab this.
SHRDGIH – Institutional Honors by degree repeating table.
Only one institutional honor per degree. Typically we only
have one degree per term. Honor code will come from
table degree_dtl/rim_grad_honor.
SHRDGMR – degree table. Duane only wants degrees that
have been awarded. We do not include any sought after
degree records. Only want to map over degrees that have
been awarded.
Degree sequence number is a one-up number per ID per
degree. Once the number is generated, we have to
correlate the number back to the degree sequence number
generated on SHRDGMR.
Degree code comes from degree_dtl table
SHRDGMR – dual curriculum can be manually entered on