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MT Engage
Town Hall Meeting at Tom Jackson Hall
Tuesday, March 24th 3pm-4pm
and Wednesday, April 1st 9am-10am
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a QEP?
The Quality Enhancement Plan is a significant part
of our Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) reaccreditation
process. It is defined by SACSCOC as “a carefully
designed and focused course of action that addresses
a well-defined topic or issue related to enhancing
student learning.” The topic of our QEP is MT Engage.
We are currently developing the 5 year plan that will
guide MT Engage.
What is MT Engage?
It is a program that involves students in active learning
and critical reflection. This is accomplished by creating
a culture of engagement emphasizing active learning
within the classroom and beyond the classroom.
Students will critically reflect on those experiences
within an ePortfolio which showcases the knowledge,
skills and abilities achieved across courses.
When does MT Engage launch?
A SACSCOC site visit to review the QEP plan will take
place in March 2016. After approval, MT Engage will
launch with the fall 2016 freshman class.
What is an ePortfolio?
An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic
collection of evidence that shows a student’s learning
journey over time. MT Engage ePortfolios will also
include critical reflections of the student’s learning.
How does MT Engage
benefit students?
How does MT Engage benefit
faculty, administrators, and staff?
What’s the difference between EXL
and MT Engage?
The goals of MT Engage include fostering a culture of
engaged learning and integrative thinking, enhancing
student satisfaction with their learning, and increasing
retention and graduation rates. The student learning
outcomes are related to improving 1) integrative/
reflective thinking 2) personal and professional
development and 3) effective communication.
As part of MT Engage, a faculty development plan will
be established to support faculty who choose to teach
MT Engage courses, which are enhanced with active
learning strategies. Supports may include
funding of related faculty learning communities or
summer faculty institutes. Departments and faculty
who are interested in incorporating an ePortfolio will
have technical support as well as pedagogical
support. Faculty, administrators, and staff will also
benefit from students who are more engaged in their
learning and a campus that has academic
engagement as a focus.
EXL was the university’s first QEP and will still
continue as an important initiative. EXL courses
qualify as active learning courses, however, MT
Engage goes beyond EXL courses to include active
learning strategies which do not have an external
component such as learning communities,
problem-based learning, simulations, etc.
Is there added cost for
No, there is not an added cost for students!