AMP Review, Subcommittee on Partnerships Minutes of the Meeting April 7, 2014

AMP Review, Subcommittee on Partnerships
Minutes of the Meeting
April 7, 2014
Present: Walter Boles, David Foote (Chair), Steven Livingston (Vice-Chair) Bobbi Lussier, Nick
Perlick, Jan Quarles, Jack Ross, Rebecca Smith, Debra Wilson, Faye Johnson (observer), Philip Phillips
(AMP Chair – observer).
Absent: Metrick Houser, alumnus, student
The meeting began with a review of the timeline constraints and products to deliver. We have to review
the existing Plan regarding partnerships and recommend updates, modifications, and changes by the April
21 meeting so we can submit to the AMP committee by April 25. We only have two meetings, 4/14 and
4/21 to get this done. We will review strengths and recommend future directions.
A review of things that are different now:
• Partnership infrastructure in place for recording and tracking
• More advisory boards than before
• Experiential learning database
• More sophisticated development databases
• More industry guest speakers
• Much more mature culture of partnerships
The question is how can we use this culture to move the university forward?
We are still weak in determining the impact of the partnerships.
The committee agreed that we have successful in Goal III bullet one which states “Create a campus cutler
that values partnerships and public service.” We still need this strategic direction. However, it needs to
be reworded to indicate the success we have and need to continue building in the future.
We should include something on the responsibility of faculty to participate in building and maintaining
We need to do a better job of recording and publicizing our successes.
We need to have a way to reward people for partnerships they pursue.
We need to have a quarterly magazine that celebrates partnerships.
Faculty will soon enter their outline of faculty into TK-20 and update it annually. This will allow
collection of more data such as publications and partnerships.
A theme emerged regarding impacts, both internal and external methods to measure.
Reciprocity in partnerships is an important goal.
For the next meeting please review the AMP update on the Provost’s web page
Please be prepared to discuss strategic directions 3 and 4. In addition, please to draft a general framework
for where you think we are going.