Recruitment Counselors are women who members through the process of sorority

Recruitment Counselors are women who
selflessly step into the role of guiding potential
members through the process of sorority
recruitment and strive to generously, deeply,
and lastingly change the lives of young women
t A role model in the sorority community
t Knowledgeable of all aspects of sorority life
t An unbiased representative of our
community that is able to share positive
information about each chapter
t Able to address potential members’
concerns and needs
t An enthusiastic and positive leader
t A good and objective listener
Chelsey, what do you think defines
what it means to be a sorority woman?
To me being a sorority woman is not all about
getting to wear the letters and show people who
you are. It's about making a difference in
people's lives and becoming a better person.
Sorority life gives you so many opportunities to
be involved with the community but also your
other sisters. It's about ritual and how you apply
what you learn about your sorority.
Bethany, what do you think is the most
important attribute you have gained/
learned from being a sorority woman?
Before being in a sorority, I was shy, timid,
and did not want to leave the house. Now
that I am in a sorority, I find myself wanting
to be involved on this campus.