Statement of Assurance Concerning the Responsible Use of Alcohol

Statement of Assurance Concerning the
Responsible Use of Alcohol
As evidenced by our affixed signatures, this organization hereby assures that the activity
described will be conducted in compliance with the following requirements:
Alternative non-alcoholic beverages will be made available in sufficient quantities to
provide guests with an adequate opportunity to consume a non-alcoholic beverage.
Alcoholic beverages will not be available on a self-serve basis; that is those attending a
function do not have open and unlimited access to alcoholic beverages.
Bring Your Own Alcoholic Beverages (BYOB) only is permitted.
Sufficient quantities of food items will be made available for the duration of the function
and for the number of persons attending.
Reasonable efforts to ensure the legal drinking age of the activity will be made.
An alternative ride system will be implemented.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Describe the method to be used for identifying members/guests of legal drinking age.
Describe plans to provide sufficient food and alternative beverages to members/guests for
the duration of the event.
Describe the method of providing transportation to those unable to drive and of
preventing intoxicated members/guests from driving.
Signature of organization president
Signature of faculty/chapter advisor