Annexe 1- Extrait du site de la FERC CEII & FOIA

Annexe 1- Extrait du site de la FERC
Members of the public may obtain nonpublic or privileged information by
submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. FERC is protecting
energy facilities by restricting public access to Critical Energy Infrastructure
Information (CEII).
Under FOIA any person has the right to CEII is information concerning proposed
request public access to federal agency or existing critical infrastructure
(physical or virtual) information Read
records or information. The agency
must release the records upon receiving more.
a written request unless the records fall
within the nine exemptions and three
exclusions outlined in the Act. Read
Critical Energy Infrastructure
Information (CEII)
CEII Defined:
CEII is information concerning proposed or
existing critical infrastructure (physical or
virtual) that:
1. Relates to the production, generation,
transmission or distribution of energy;
2. Could be useful to a person planning
an attack on critical infrastructure;
3. Is exempt from mandatory disclosure
under the Freedom of Information
Act; and
4. Gives strategic information beyond
the location of the critical
II. Helpful Resources
In order to familiarize yourself with the
Commission's policy regarding Critical Energy
Infrastructure Information (CEII) and Non-
> CEII Related
Document Classes
> Non-Internet
Public Documents
> Commission CEII
Internet Public (NIP) information, please
read the Commission's rulemakings: Order
No.s 630, 630-A and 649.
You may also find our CEII Related
Document Classes Table a useful aid in your
III. CEII Requests & Exemptions
Visit our Help section to learn How-to file a
CEII Request.
An owner/operator of a facility, including
employees and officers of the
owner/operator, may obtain CEII information
relating to its own facility directly from the
Commission without going through the
procedure outlined below. However, an
agent or representative of an owner/operator
must obtain information from the
IV. Our Response
Once your request is received, the CEII
Coordinator will determine if the information
is CEII, and if it is, whether to release the
documents to the requester. The
Coordinator will strive to balance your
information needs against the sensitivity of
the information.
If the Coordinator determines that your
request is not CEII, you will be advised of
who you should contact for the information
you have requested. It is possible you may
need to make a FOIA request.
The Procedure
If you are eligible to receive the information
requested, the Coordinator will determine
what conditions, if any, to place on the
release of the information. Where
appropriate, you may be asked to sign a
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to receive
the information you requested. When you
return the completed NDA the Coordinator
will provide the requested CEII.
If you are unhappy with the Coordinator's
determination regarding your CEII request
you may appeal the decision according to the
procedure set forth in 18 C.F.R § 385.713.
(You will be leaving the FERC website)
The CEII Coordinator will attempt to respond
in accordance to the timing required for
responses under the Freedom of Information
Act in §388.108 (c), and will provide notice
to the submitter in accordance with
§388.112 (d) and (e). However, the
Coordinator is not legally bound to do so for
CEII requests.
Updated: January 4, 2005
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