College of Business Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes As of 07/21/2006

College of Business
Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes
As of 07/21/2006
Department: Accountancy, Finance & Entrepreneurship
Program: M.Ac. Accounting
Program Goals:
Our graduates will be:
1. Strong decision-makers who have the ability to incorporate economic, financial and ethical considerations in making decisions.
2. Effective communications
3. Skilled in the use of specific accounting content areas.
4. Prepared to be life-long learners and recognize that their professional accounting education begins, not ends, here.
5. Aware of the cultural competencies expected of accounting professionals in business environments.
Student Learning Outcomes:
Our graduates will be able to:
1. Analyze and solve accounting problems using critical thinking skills.
2. Understand and used key economic criteria for making effective decisions.
3. Understand and used the information on company financial statements.
4. Understand fundamental ethical and legal principles and apply this understanding to decision making situations.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of the use of technology, its applications, and analytical tools for problem solving.
6. Exhibit effective written communication skills.
7. Exhibit effective oral communication skills.
8. Employ electronic communication technology.
9. Work efficiently and effectively in teams.
10. Demonstrate skills in and knowledge of auditing, financial, governmental/non-profit, managerial, systems and taxation.
11. Access, interpret and use primary financial accounting authority.
12. Access, interpret and use primary taxation authority.
13. Access, interpret and use primary auditing authority.
14. Show that they have been successfully involved in professional organization through employment, internships, mentoring, student organization
activities or other approved professional involvement.
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