Staff Senate Meeting UC Cardinal Room December 11, 2008

Staff Senate Meeting
UC Cardinal Room
December 11, 2008
Members Present: Anne Aldrich; Roseanna Belt; Lauren Bishop; Colby Deitz; Virginia Fowler;
Lisa Frady; Larry Hammer; Brenda Holcombe; Deborah Lovern; Joe McFalls; Carrie Shuler; Jed
Tate; Donna Welch; Debbie West; Kim Jamison; Teresa Killian
Members Absent: Wiley Danner (excused); Jeff Hughes; Akum Jamir (excused); Tom Johnson
Ex-Officio Members Present: Dianne Lynch; Kathy Wong
Jed welcomed everyone to today’s meeting.
The agenda for today’s meeting was approved as submitted.
Minutes of the November meeting were approved as submitted with two changes.
Nancy introduced resolution on Bear Incident.
Kim Jamison’s absence was excused.
The next meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled for Jan 8, 2009 from 2:00 – 3:00
The next Staff Forum meeting is scheduled January15th at 8:30 in the UC Cardinal Room.
Office of Human Resources Report:
Holiday Calendar is being worked on now. Hope to have it out next week. Planning
what days will be vacation vs holiday pay. Looking like it will be 2 Christmas holidays
and 2 personal days and New Year’s Holiday.
Chancellor’s Office Report:
Larger Dec Commencement than ever.
Working on Budget Cut plans. Told to plan on 3%, 5%, and 7%. Bardo is planning for
Staff Assembly Report: No Report
UAC: No Report
Staff Forum Committee Reports:
Human Resources – This committee is working on awards.
Public Relations – No Report
Scholarship – No Report
Resource and Environment – This committee is working on awards.
Governance – Donna Welch proposed changing name of Forum to Staff Senate to bring us more
in line with other University Staff Representative Organizations.
Roseanna moved, Larry seconded. Passed unanimously.
Donna also proposed changing section 4.b. to include the following sentence: Any member of
the Forum may request a vote be taken by secret ballot.
Donna moved, Lauren seconded. Passed unanimously.
Old Business:
Lauren Bishop reported for the joint committees working on the Staff Awards. She
passed out proposed awards. They still need to work on criteria for selection as well as
names for awards.
Larry moved to accept proposed awards; Donna seconded. Passed unanimously.
New Business:
Guest faculty Jamie Davis and Frank Lockwood spoke about what the Faculty Senate and
their logic in passing the Domestic Partnership Resolution.
The next step after passing such a resolution will be for the passed resolution to go to the
UAC. From there they would pass it to the Executive Council for possible action.
Staff voted by paper ballot. Resolution passed 11 for, 4 against, and 2 abstained.
Brenda Holcombe volunteered and was unanimously approved for alternate to Staff
Meeting adjourned at 9:45.
Respectfully submitted by:
Deborah Lovern