Teacher Education Executive Council March 22, 2012 Agenda

Teacher Education Executive Council
March 22, 2012
8:00 Seerley 119
Status reports and Updates
1) Curriculum Exhibit Approvals --- still sitting at 35.
2) Legislative changes:
a. State Bills
i. 3.0 GPA requirement and Praxis requirements - dropped
ii. Expansion of alternative routes to licensure through the Iowa Dept. of
Ed. and Board of Educational Examiners
b. Federal Bill from Harken
i. State program approval every three years
ii. Massive expansion of data collection requirements, with focus on
determining which program’s graduates “add value”, and impact PK12 student achievement scores
iii. Programs to be rated as Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, and Excellent
iv. Differential loan forgiveness and GPA requirements for students
attending Satisfactory (3.25 GPA, $5,000/year) vs. Excellent
programs ($8000/year) teaching in high need areas and/or high need
v. High need areas: Special Education, English Language Learners, Math,
vi. High need schools: 50% free and reduced lunch rate for elementary,
middle and junior high schools; 40% rate for high schools
vii. High need districts: 10,000 children and youth qualify for free and
reduced lunches
viii. Eliminates Teach Grants
1) Meeting Schedule - remainder of semester and summer
2) Administrative positions in teacher education
a. Elementary Teacher Education Coordinator
b. Director of Student Teaching
c. Director of Assessment
d. Summer administration
3) PLS Transition teams and their roles
a. Specifics for the Clinical Experiences Transition Team - progress thus far
b. Role of Executive Council in the R & D model. Possible think tank creation
composed of faculty who are actively doing K-12 pedagogy research and contentarea based educational research
Next Executive Council Meetings
April 10
May ????
Teacher Education Senate Meetings - Spring 2012
All Senate meetings are in Curris Business Building 319 and begin at 3:30 unless otherwise
Elementary Senate
April 12 (CBB 323)
Secondary Senate
March 22 and April 19