Secondary Teacher Education Senate Thursday Jan. 19, 2012 3:30 Location:

Secondary Teacher Education Senate
Thursday Jan. 19, 2012
Location: Curris Business Building 319
Roll and Introductions
Present: Cherin Lee (Coordinator, Secondary Teacher Education),
Melissa Heston (Coordinator, Elementary Teacher Education), Nicole
Skaar (Professional Sequence-Alt), Terri Lasswell (Clinical Experiences),
Dianna Briggs (Business Education), Larry Escalada (Science Education),
Tammy Gregersen (Modern Languages & TESOL), Chris Curran
(Special Education), Barb Bakker (Physical Education/Health Education),
Becky Hawbaker (Teacher Education Faculty Chair), Barry Wilson
(Director of Assessment), Teresa Camilli (Music Education-Alt), Chad
Christopher (Social Sciences), Karen Sabey (Asst. Professor,
Mathematics-Alt) Rick Vanderwall (English)
Absent: Andrew McCormick (Art Education-no Alt sent), Jihwa Noh
(Assoc. Professor, Mathematics), Ben Forsyth (Asst. Professor, Ed.
Psychology & Foundations)
Guests: Nadene Davidson (Interim Dept. Head & Assistant Professor
Office of Student Field Experience), Leasha Henriksen (Field Placement
Coordinator/TQP), Rob Boody (Assoc. Professor, Ed. Psychology &
Foundations), Scott Greenhalgh (Asst. Professor, Ind. Tech)
Approval of Nov. 17 minutes
Rick Vanderwall moved to approve the minutes. Chad Christopher
seconded. Minutes approved.
Old business
o Executive Council Meeting (Lee)
a) Cherin and Melissa have met with Virginia Arthur who is in charge of
academic space considerations. Information on the number of offices
needed plus work space has been discussed. b) Policies and
communication regarding background checks continued to be a topic of
discussion. Melissa and Cherin need to discuss with the University
Attorney the appropriate statements to make. Students need to be made
aware of events and choices that may jeopardize their licensure. Students
are under the impression that UNI determines their licensure but it is
actually the BOEE that approves or denies licensure.
o Community College Advisors Meeting (Lee)
This meeting assisted Community College Advisors in understanding the
changes in the Elementary Education major and was also attended by
advisors from UNI Academic Advising. The following items were
discussed: consideration of Level I Field Experience changes, cadet
teaching through Community Colleges (not acceptable), application for
admission to Teacher Education and the time line, science and math
courses needed by Elementary Ed. majors. Cherin commented that this
meeting should happen in the spring for Secondary Education.
o Status of curriculum exhibit approvals (Heston/Lee)
The process is continuing.
o Ethics course proposal and Licensure (Heston)
The BOEE has new recommendations. Since many ethics violations are
from seasoned teachers, it may be that an ethics refresher is in order for
teacher practitioners. The probable merger of the BOEE into the DOE
would result in the BOEE only reviewing teachers that have been
accused of something. With regard to licensure, one proposal proposes
that licensure be self-supporting. This means an additional 25% of
licensure fees would be deposited to the general fund. Teachers would
cover the cost of licensure plus a 25% fee for the state. When cost of
licensure is determined then the cost to teachers will be determined.
o University Strategic Plan Goals, Strategies and Indicators (Lee)
Goal 3 - A meeting on Dec. 22nd with Sharon Silva facilitated forward
planning and targets for indicators through 2013. A rubric has been
created to review indicators and their status. Cherin will send the Goals,
indicators, action plan and progress rubric.
Nadene brought up the topic of advisory boards. Jane Larson in the
President’s Office needs to know membership on advisory boards. If
your department has an advisory board, let Nadene Davidson know and
she will forward the information to Jane.
New Business
o TQP Project - Faculty recruiting (Davidson and Henriksen)
Nadene Davidson and Leasha Henriksen,TQP Field Placement
Coordinator, discussed the TQP project. This is a partnership between
UNI faculty and schools that will help enrich the practice of methods
students. Teachers in partner districts can connect to university students
and methods faculty through polycom. A video provided the view of
Elementary Education majors on the program emphasizing the
importance of developing community relationships and experiencing
what it is like to teach in rural Iowa schools. They found the
collaboration with other educators to be very beneficial.
TQP will add 5 additional schools for 2012-2013 (there are currently 5)
and is recruiting 12 additional methods faculty to join the original 12
faculty. The one week immersive field experience has been modified by
some of the secondary faculty in this first cohort (Chad, Jihwa, Tammy
and Wendy)
o Possible topics for the spring Teacher Education Faculty meeting
• What is coming for education? What is the impact of pending
• Update on NOC process - How the process works, navigating
through a NOC.
• Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA). This might replace the
TWS. Around 100 student teachers are doing the TPA this
semester. Scoring requires online training and pays $75.00 to score
one TPA. We need faculty participation in the decision about
program performance assessment. What will impact our students?
• Methods assessments for various areas and the UNITED system.
Currently UNITED is not interfaced with the new SIS system and
is not working well.
o Charity Campbell, Iowa Teacher of the Year
Charity, a Norwalk Physical Education teacher and coach is the 2012
Iowa Teacher of the Year, and will be visiting campus. Two open
meetings are scheduled on Feb. 2 and 3. Senators, Teacher Education
faculty and methods students are encouraged to attend an open session.
There will be a Joint Teacher Education Senate meeting at 3:30 on Feb. 3
at 3:30 in the Elm Room in Maucker Union.
o PDS Articulation Agreement Consultation (Hawbaker)
Becky distributed a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement as well as a
copy of the UNI Professional Development School Quick Facts sheet.
She provided an explanation of the school districts and people involved.
Becky requested a formal motion of support for this agreement which
will be revised yearly. Dianna Briggs motioned in support of the PDS
agreement and Terri Lasswell seconded. Motion carried.
o MEASRES 3150 Classroom Assessment (Rob Boody, Nicki Skaar)
Rob distributed copies of the Classroom Assessment course MEASRES
3150. The signature pedagogy of this course is: Modeling professional
learning communities and problem solving teaming. The major
assignment is meant to be a strand through the Teacher Education
Program through Level III. Students can relate this course to their content
areas on all assignments.
Terri Lasswell motioned to adjourn and Chris Curran seconded. Meeting
adjourned at 5:00 pm.
Upcoming Dates
Feb. 2 Joint Senate Mtg w/Charity Campbell 3:30 Elm Rm MU
Feb. 2-3 Campus Visit by Charity Campbell, IA Teacher of the Year
Feb. 16 Secondary Teacher Education Senate 3:30 CBB 319
Feb. 17-19 AACTE, Chicago
Feb. 21 Executive Council Meeting*
4:00 Seerley 119
Mar. 1 Elementary Teacher Education Senate 3:30 CBB 319
Mar. 6 Executive Council Meeting*
4:00 Seerley 119
Mar. 22 Secondary Teacher Education Senate 3:30 CBB 319
Apr. 5 Teacher Education Convocation
4:00 GBPAC
Apr. 12 Elementary Teacher Education Senate 3:30 CBB 319
Apr. 10 Executive Council Meeting*
4:00 Seerley 119
Apr. 19 Secondary Teacher Education Senate 3:30 CBB 319
May 3 Elementary Teacher Education Senate 3:30 CBB 319
*Indicates a closed meeting