MISSION STATEMENT FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE  (Developed during the 2005­2006 Academic Year)  The Department of Finance has defined its mission, a strategy for carrying out the mission, and has defined 

MISSION STATEMENT FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE (Developed during the 2005­2006 Academic Year) The Department of Finance has defined its mission, a strategy for carrying out the mission, and has defined long­term objectives that support the mission of the College of Business Administration and the mission of the University of Northern Iowa. Mission The mission of the Finance Department is to provide our students with a high quality finance education and an understanding of financial theory and practice related to the common business core curriculum. The programs of the Department are intended to be intellectually rigorous and practically oriented to allow our graduates to make a positive contribution to society and lead productive lives in the dynamic, interdependent, global financial economy. Strategy In support of this mission, the Department of Finance offers coursework in corporation finance, financial institutions, financial information systems, investments, insurance, international finance, and real estate. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching and scholarly research designed to foster a strong finance education for our students. The Department also is committed to the exchange of research and teaching expertise with the broader public community. Long Term Objectives The Department's mission is supported through achievement of a number of specific objectives: 1. To recruit and maintain highly qualified Finance faculty with a commitment to teaching and an interest in helping students. 2. To have a faculty that are actively publishing articles, presenting papers at professional meetings, and developing innovative finance instructional materials. 3. To provide professional assistance to public and private institutions throughout the State of Iowa. 4. To encourage interaction with the business community, the development of internships and career opportunities for students in the department, and opportunities for faculty participation on corporate business projects. 5. To evaluate alternatives for providing enhanced student career opportunities through the development of internal and external certification programs in areas such as: real estate, financial planning, insurance, and financial management. 6. To provide our students with opportunity to develop and test their leadership, social, interpersonal, intellectual, and communication skills through a variety of student organizations housed within the Finance Department.