Dean’s Council Meeting Center for Reading and Writing Held: March 15, 2012

Dean’s Council Meeting
Held: March 15, 2012
Attendees: E. Daffron, L. Siecke, L. Chakrin, S. Perry, E. Saiff, H. Nejad
Center for Reading and Writing
E. Daffron chaired the meeting for Provost Barnett who was not able to be present. He
introduced S. Prendergast as the new Reading Specialist/Program Coordinator for the Center for
Reading and Writing.
Policy 300-W – Cooperative Education Program – Beth Ricca and Cindy Brennan attended for
this discussion. Discussion on credits – 8 credits can be applied to the 128 that are required for
graduation but 3 coop courses cannot count towards the graduation total. H. Nejad brought up
consideration of a 12 credit coop program similar to some that are used at other schools.
Some changes noted to wording in procedures. B. Ricca will investigate how this policy affects
international students.
C. Brennan would like to place policy/procedure into catalog in April, since it is not a major
change but a clarification. It should not pose a problem with students provided it appears before
beginning of the fall semester.
More discussion on differentiating between coops and internships – this discussion to be
continued between E. Daffron and B. Ricca.
E. Daffron will bring the policy to Provosts’ Council for the upcoming meeting to activate into
Policy 300-V – Certificate Programs – ARC has been having discussions about certificates –
regarding approvals, and credit bearing vs. non-credit bearing programs
The Federal government defines credit bearing certificates as post-secondary, post- baccalaureate
or post-masters. For non-credit bearing certificates E. Daffron proposes that they just be called
Discussion on ARC role in the approval of credit-bearing and non-credit certificate
programs. E. Daffron will clarify with the state if non-bearing certificates really need state
approval. The policy/procedure will move to Provosts Council for review.
Independent Study Forms –
Previously all schools used their own independent study form.
E. Daffron introduced a new version of the form; deans are to bring it back to their offices for
review and to see if it will meet their needs.
Some wording changes were noted.
Discussion of issue of compensating faculty for overseeing independent study projects
and repercussions.
Discussion of whether career limit for independent study courses should be changed to 12
This form will come back for review at a future Deans’ Council meeting.
Course Enrichment Component Student Recognition Award –
One of the working groups of the Design Team is working on recognizing students and faculty
for good work. They suggest an award to a student that would be given at Honors Convocation.
Deans’ Council was not in favor of this proposal but discussed alternatives.
Perhaps this should be a faculty award in conjunction with a class that participated in a CEC
project; faculty should come up with something that could fund a future CEC project.
TAS has a joint program with UMDNJ entitled Allied Health Technologies -- within the major
there are a range of concentrations. UMDNJ has separated out all of those concentrations having
to do with Medical Imaging and created a new major called Medical Imaging Sciences everything else has been left in the old Allied Health Technologies major. No course
requirements or courses have changed but this is a new major.
UMDNJ has already received authority from Trenton, and ARC and the TAS unit council have
already signed off on the proposal.
TAS is now working through the process of having the Board of Trustees sign off on this new