Deans’ Council SC-217 April 2, 2015

Deans’ Council
April 2, 2015
Attending: Beth Barnett, Eric Daffron, Chris Romano, Lew Chakrin, Eddie Saiff, Liz Siecke,
Steve Perry, Sam Rosenberg and Guests: Nick Salter, Brittany Goldstein, and Thierry
New Faculty Orientation:
Eric Daffron stated that a task force had been charged to enhance Faculty Development. Liz
Siecke chaired the task force and the committee completed the report. Eric Daffron responded
to the report, but he and the Provost made a decision to table this until next year. However,
there was unanimous support from the Deans Council to implement a plan for a more extended
orientation for new Faculty to take place over the course of the fall semester. The suggestion
made was to reassign new faculty one course over the fall so they can participate in the more
extended orientation for new faculty. Nick Salter presented a proposal for the new concept for
orientation this fall for feedback from the group. There was a discussion amongst the group on
how to vary the proposal to make it work best for faculty in all stages of their teaching career
and also defining a common time for full-time faculty for a three hour block of time weekly. A
proposed time of Wednesdays from 10 – 1 was suggested by Nick and the Deans will e-mail
Nick when they have checked the availability of their faculty for this time and day. Dean Chakrin
suggested this proposed program be evaluated after one year. Eric Daffron suggested a letter
from the deans to their faculty be drafted as a way to communicate the obligations and
expectations of faculty to this program. Nick Salter and Eric Daffron will also work on a vehicle
for an assessment plan.
Faculty Office Hours
Beth asked the Deans to speak to their faculty and make certain that they are keeping their
office hours. Hours should not be by appointment only, but that the faculty are available during
all of their office hours.
Interim Course Schedule
The Provost also stated that a survey will be going out to all faculty for their input regarding
“tweaks” in the spring schedule and a committee will also be charged for this purpose. The task
force will be charged on May 8th and their recommendations will be presented to FA on 5/22. If
no viable schedule is decided on the fall schedule will stay intact and be rolled forward for the
spring 2016 semester with no changes.
Brittany Goldstein joined the group and gave a review of Commencement and the changes that
have taken place for this year’s ceremony at the Prudential Center. Changes will include
elimination of introductory videos. Dean Siecke will introduce the graduate programs all at
once. There will not be a musical number for closing to help ensure a more formal procession.
Beth suggested having a scripted walk-through for the platform party. There will also be a video
tour of the venue available. The deans would also like to see better directional signage for
ARC Hybrid Definition Revision
ARC definitions of hybrid and on-line courses:
Eric Daffron and Thierry Rakotobe-Joel reviewed revised definitions of hybrid courses and
online courses. Face to face and online synchronous meetings must be established ahead of
time and be put in the schedule prior to registration. .
CASE Development for Deans Workshop
Dean Rice gave an overview of this workshop. Deans are perceived, externally, as being
important leaders and should be more externally involved. It is important to develop a “case
statement” – to hand out to potential donors. Deans should be, and would like to be, much
more involved in the entire fund raising process and also in gift naming decisions.