Application for Testing Out August 2016 Hartland High School Test Out Information

Application for Testing Out August 2016
Student Name (print): ___________________________________
Current Grade: ______
Course(s) requesting to test out:
*Please Circle Semester A or B if it is a year long course.
Hartland High School
Test Out Information
Application Deadline:
May 13, 2016 HHS Office
1. _______________________________
Date to Pick Up Materials:
June 8, 2016 10:30-2:30pm
HHS Main Office
2. _______________________________
Testing Date:
August 18, 2016 8:00am HHS
*Please check this box if you are a Special Education or 504
student who typically receives testing accommodations:
Address: _____________________________________________
City: __________________________
Zip: _____________
Phone Number: _________________________
Parent Signature: ______________________________
Student Signature: _____________________________
Book Deposit Fee: $60 per course ($120 for two)
*NO CASH Please, Make check or money order to:
“Hartland High School – Test Out”
Attach Check Here
Testing out gives a student the
opportunity to gain credit for a
class if they can demonstrate
proficiency in the course content.
Each class has a different set of
requirements. Some classes
require that a student only pass an
exam. Other classes mandate that
a student complete independent
work or portfolio assignments in
addition to a required exam. In
all cases, a 77% is the minimum
score allowed for “passing”.
Students who earn a 77% or
better get credit on their transcript
for that course and are welcome
to enroll in the next course in the
sequence. Students and parents
should note that test out grades
will not be calculated in a
student’s GPA. Students must be
officially enrolled in Hartland
Consolidated Schools in order to
test out of a course.
1. Application & deposit
2. Parent signature on all forms
3. Pick up study materials
4. Available to test on date above
5. Two semester maximum
(Example: Algebra 1 A &
Algebra 1 B or Algebra 1 A &
6. Food/snacks are not provided
Test Out Coordinator:
Jason Reck
Dean of Students
[email protected]