Technical Advanced Placement HGTC Course Prefix and Number: _________ - Teacher Recommendation

Technical Advanced Placement- Teacher Recommendation
Date: ____________________
HGTC Course Prefix and Number: _________
Section I. Student Completes:
Complete this section and give to your high school Career/Technology teacher.
Name: _____________________________________Phone: _________________
Address: ___________________________________ SSN: __________________
City: ______________________
State: _____________ Zip: ______________
High School: __________________ Graduation Date: ______________________
Section II. Teacher Completes:
I verify that this student has mastered, with minimum of “B” grade, the course
competencies identified in the Technical Advanced Placement Agreement and
therefore, I recommend this student for TAP.
Teacher Name (Print): ______________________ School: _______________
Signature: _______________________________ Date: ____________________
High School Course through which student gained competencies for TAP:
Date of Course Completion: ___________________________
High school teacher should make and maintain a copy and mail original to:
HGTC Admissions Office PO Box 261966 Conway, SC 29528-6066