Marine National Monument (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands) – Part 1


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Marine National Monument (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands) Research Worksheet – Part 1


1. What are some geological features in the NWHIs? ________________________________________________________________ 2. If the NWHIs were laid across the continental United States, what distance would they cover? ________________________________________________________________ 3. About how many species live in the NWHIs? What might explain the high occurrence of endemic species (found no where else)? ________________________________________________________________ 4. What were at least two uses of the NWHIs by the ancient Polynesians? ________________________________________________________________

Island Information:

5. What is the name of the NWHI you will study in more depth? ________________________________________________________________ 6. Describe the geography of the island (e.g., physical features, size). ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 7. Describe the history of the human use of the island. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 8. List at least 6 organisms that live on or in the waters surrounding this island. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Slideshow Organization:

Complete this section after you make your Food Web in Part 2. Slides (picture) Story board (information about)