Sandy Toes MA 5.11.1

Sandy Toes MA 5.11.1
Product Explanation Sheet
Product: Write a magazine article about the most popular beach for a specific
activity with accompanying circle graph.
Read all steps before starting.
1. Explore provided beach websites.
2. Print your tally chart.
Develop your question
3. Think about the different activities that you can do at the beach: surfing, swimming, fishing,
snorkeling, family gatherings, paddling, etc.
4. Choose one activity for your survey.
5. Develop your question. Which beach is the best for __________________?
Conduct your survey
6. Write your question on the tally chart.
7. List 4-7 possible beaches using the
websites provided or your own knowledge.
(Note: you can ask people to select a beach
from your list or just name their favorite
and record their answers as you go.)
8. Ask 15-20 students your question.
9. Record their answers on your tally chart.
10. Total your results.
Create your circle graph
11. Open the Create a Graph website.
12. Select Pie in the Design Section.
13. Complete the Design, Data, and Labels Tabs.
14. Preview your graph to make sure it looks the
way you want. Make any necessary changes and preview again.
15. Save your graph as an EMF file that you can insert into your article.
Write your magazine article
16. Using a word processing program, type a draft of your magazine article that includes the
following information:
a. Tile and byline
b. Your question
c. Who was surveyed (Example: Mr. Chang’s math class was surveyed.)
d. Details about the activity you selected
e. Details about the top beach
f. Statements about the results of your survey (Example: According to Mr. Chant’s class,
Sandy’s is the most popular beach on Oahu for Body Boarding, but The Wall came in a
close second.)
g. A circle graph of the results
17. Trade drafts with a peer to edit and revise.
18. Type the final draft of your magazine article.
19. Turn in your completed article and tally chart to your teacher using one of the following methods:
a. Print your article and hand it in.
b. Turn in your article electronically using email or a provided class folder.