Research Projects, Paper Presentations & Publications Research Project Status

Research Projects, Paper Presentations & Publications
Research Project
1. Watershed Modelling Using SPATSIM model
2. Causes of Low pH in Groundwater
In Collaboration with University
of Rhodes –South Africa
Initiated by the Mauritius
Research Council
Initiated by the Ministry of
Environment & Sustainable
Development under the African
Adaptation Programme
3. Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in Ongoing
the Water Sector
Paper Presentations
Y. Baguant-Moonshiram, V. Bhujun, and M.D. Nowbuth – “Sustainable village: Case
Study Goodlands, Mauritius”, International Scientific Academy of Engineering and
Technology (ISAET) Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 23rd to 24th November 2012
Gunness, S. & Nowbuth, M. D., 20112. ‘Policies for Open Educational Practices at
UoM’, International Conference on Higher Education and Economic Development
2012 to be held at Le Meridien (3-5 September 2012)
Jeerakhun, V. & Nowbuth, M. D., ‘Heavy metal analysis of groundwater samples
representing basaltic aquifers’, Fifth International Groundwater Conference (IGWC2012) on "The Assessment and Management of Groundwater Resources in Hard
Rock Systems with Special Reference to Basaltic Terrain" at Aurangabad,
Maharashtra, India (December 18-21, 2012)
M.D. Nowbuth, S Gunness and Y. Baguant-Moonshiram- “Open educational
resources: opportunities and challenges in the tertiary education sector – Case
study Mauritius”, Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact – Openly collaborating to
Enhance Education, 16th to 18th April 2013, Cambridge, UK.
List of Publications
R. Damry, M.D.Nowbuth, Y. Baguant-Moonshiram & P. Sarkar – “Evaluating
planning tools in Mauritius for Sustainable Development”, ITPI Journal – Journal of
the Institute of Town Planners, India , Volume 6, October-December 2012
Nowbuth, M. D., Rambhogun, P. & Umrikar, B., 2012, ‘Numerical Groundwater
Flow and Contaminant Transport Modelling of the Southern Aquifer, Mauritius’,
Open access e-Journal, Earth Science India, Vol. 5 (III), July, 2012, pp. 79-91