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Creating an Assignment Blackboard Learn Assignments allow you to create coursework and manage the grades and feedback for each student separately. 1. Log into the Blackboard 9.1 course with your UNC-­‐W credentials at In a Content Area in your Blackboard course, click on Assessments and then select Assignment Office of e-­‐Learning: Academic Affairs In 1. Assignment Information, enter the Name and Instructions In 2. Assignment Files, click Browse My Computer to add files. In 3. Grading, enter the Points Possible and add a rubric if desired. Office of e-­‐Learning: Academic Affairs Blackboard Learn: Creating an Assignment In 4. Availability: Make the Assignment Available: sets the available of the assignment for the students. Number of Attempts: allows students to submit an assignment more than once, and receive comments and a grade for each submission. If you allow more than one attempt, the Grade Center uses the most recent attempt. You can select a different attempt for the score by editing the column in the Grade Center. Limit Availability: enter Display After and Display Until dates. This limits the time period that a student can access the assignment. In 5. Due Dates, enter a due date if desired (optional). In 6. Recipients, click All Students Individually. 7. Check Track Number of Views to track the amount of times the student views the assignment. Click Submit. Office of e-­‐Learning: Academic Affairs Page 2