The Lapeyre Stair Line Pre-engineered, precision-built, on-time stair solutions TM

The Lapeyre Stair Line
Pre-engineered, precision-built, on-time stair solutions
The Lapeyre Stair Line:
Pre-engineered, precision-built, on-time stair solutions
apeyre Stair designs and manufactures stairs that fit precisely,
are priced competitively, and
ship to you on time, without
exception. Our on-time shipping record
–a remarkable and unmatched 99.9%–
speaks for itself.
Our consistent precision and unparalleled
reliability are made possible by:
• Cutting edge engineering equipment
• One-of-a-kind proprietary manufacturing machinery
• D
edicated and highly-trained customer
service staff
• S
treamlined production and shipping
in a facility dedicated solely to stair
Find out why our stairs have been
the preferred choice of architects
and engineers for over twenty years.
Trust Lapeyre Stair to build your stairs
correctly and get them to you on time.
What doesn’t Lapeyre Stair offer?
Choose from an ever-expanding list of customized features
such as fully ballistered bolted stairs, complete towers, or
standalone systems, to multiple filler panels, materials, and
finish options.
Custom-designed filler panels provide a tailored look.
We’ve worked with Lapeyre Stair on several large projects and are continually impressed by their
dedication to getting the job done correctly and on time. They always go the extra mile, yet are still
able to deliver faster than the competition.
–Brent Buford, Owner
New Orleans Iron Works
The Lapeyre Stair Line –
The stairs you need, when you need them
Conventional Egress Stairs
Alternating Tread Stairs
Platform Systems
Welded and bolted conventional egress stairs
are fabricated with the technology and precision
that only Lapeyre Stair can provide. Pre-engineered Lapeyre Stairs are available at all times
for quick shipping, short lead times, and minimal
cost to the customer.
Lapeyre Stair’s alternating tread stair has provided safe and compact face-forward descents
since 1981. In fact, more than 80,000 alternat­
ing tread stairs have been installed in applications
as diverse as mezzanines, crossover systems,
conveyors, storage tanks, and offshore vessels.
Whether you need a platform to be used as
an exit landing, intermediate, switchback, or
crossover, Lapeyre Stair features the range of
landings and platform systems to meet your
industrial or commercial egress needs. Platform
systems are available in multiple configurations
and all support systems are constructed with
legs and bracing engineered to easily sustain
platform loads.
Conventional Egress Stairs
Advanced technology produces superior stairs
ur dedicated production
facility has created proprietary stair manufacturing
technology that provides
precision that would be otherwise
unreachable. Using this unique equipment in conjunction with Computer
Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology
is the key to ensuring all stairs can be
quickly and accurately manufactured.
And, because we handle both design
and fabrication of our stairs, we can
offer lower prices to our customers.
Finally, we can guarantee that our stairs
will meet the codes you need to meet.
In fact, it’s built into our proprietary
software, and all approval drawings
reflect the requested code compliance.
Precision engineering and proprietary fabrication technologies b
es build better stairs
Alternating Tread Stairs
The safer, space-saving alternative
afer and more compact than
ship’s ladders or vertical ladders,
the time-tested alternating tread
stair provides the most com­
fortable face-forward descent. When
valuable plant floor space is at a
premium, this remarkable stair -guaranteed to meet OSHA and IBC
standards -- provides worker safety
and comfort in a small footprint.
Close-fitting handrails fit comfortably
under the arms to provide better support
and control.
Greater tread depth and a cushioned
central stringer virtually eliminate the
possibility of contact with the tread nosing.
Custom heights available within 1/16 of
an inch.
To see interactive prints and 3D CAD models,
visit our website:
Pre-engineered, precision-built stairs
provide the ultimate in convenience and flexibility
apeyre Stair customers benefit
from refreshingly short lead times
as well as a remarkable 99.9%
on-time shipping record. Our
motto states it perfectly: “We ship when
we say we’ll ship. No exceptions.”
The new welded conventional stairs
from Lapeyre Stair are 100% hasslefree. The Lapeyre Stair staff helped
us with unique solutions, presented
a professional proposal, and met our
tight budget. Most importantly, the
stairs arrived at our project on time
and they fit perfectly.
-Bill LeCorgne, Jr., P.E.
Chief Operating Officer, woodward design+build
Lapeyre Stairs can be delivered to a job
site in parts as needed and quickly erected
for immediate access.
Custom-fit working platform system.
Bolted conventional stairs are easily
assembled on the work site.
Multiple tread options available, including
grip tread, diamond treadplate, bar
grating, and concrete pan.
Industrial Bolted
Solid Filler Panel Bolted
Commercial Bolted
Pre-engineered filler panels make
on-site installation easier. Lapeyre
Stair offers multiple filler panel
options to suit your needs.
Welded Pickets
Welded Mesh Panel
Welded Industrial
What Industries Have
Used Lapeyre Stairs?
A one-stop stair shop for
your construction project
Oil & Chemical
Public Services
Our website is a convenient, one-stop resource center for your
stair-related needs.
It’s all
Complete stair and accessory line-up
Downloadable specs
Code resources
Quote requests and delivery schedules customized
to your project
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