UCL PRESS Author Questionnaire

Author Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form, which is very important to us. Your knowledge of this publication will
really help us to target our marketing and publicity activities. Please answer the questions with as much information
as you can provide and return to us as soon as possible so we can begin pre-publication marketing.
Author details
Book title:
(full names and titles and order as they should appear in the book)
Current affiliation(s):
Other publications relevant to the subject of your book, with date of publication
Book details
Please provide a few paragraphs describing your book and any key information you would convey to a reader
purchasing it
Please supply us with a short biography that we can use on our website, and in other promotional materials
Keyword descriptions: Please list a maximum of six keywords to describe the book to aid in discoverability via
search engines
Please list the three most important selling points of your book
Do you have specific ideas for the cover of your book? If so please provide a selection of two or three images.
Please note we require high-res files. They should be copyright cleared images – please provide information on the
status of the copyright.
The Market
Who do you expect to download or buy the book when it is available?
In which section of a bookshop or library would you expect to find your book?
Please list any countries/areas of the world where your book might meet with special interest, and indicate why.
If your book has a student market, please state for what courses and/or examinations (worldwide) you expect it to be used
Promoting your book
Which professional groups’ or societies’ members might be interested in your book? If you have any contact details
please provide them
Are there any firms or organisations that might want to purchase multiple copies of your book?
Please list any conferences or events (include dates/locations/contact addresses) at which your book would be of
interest to the delegates
Are you a member of any academic societies?
Which press/media would be interested in reviewing your book? Please list specific publications and online media
Are there any public or high-profile figures in your subject area who you think might be interested in providing an
endorsement for your book? Please provide contact details.
Social media
Social media is increasingly being used as a marketing tool. There are many ways you can promote your own book
through social media and reach a wide audience. We encourage you to utilize the following:
Personal website – updates about your book can be linked to our website
Blogging – blogging updates about your book can be effective and can also be linked to our website
Twitter – a huge audience can be reached through Twitter if people like your posts and retweet them
LinkedIn – if you have your own profile you could mention your book here
Facebook – you could create a Facebook page for your book
Date you filled in this form:
Please return to: Lara Speicher
Publishing Manager, UCL Press
Email: [email protected]
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It will help us greatly in building our marketing and
publicity campaigns.