Pro & Recreational Sport Comparison: Europe Educati on Abroad

Pro & Recreational Sport Comparison: Europe
Summer 2012
ation Abroad —
of Nor
th Carolina Wilmington
Program Overview
This study abroad opportunity will focus on a comparison of the
operation and management of professional and recreational sports in the
U.S. and Europe. The majority of the trip will be based out of Bonn,
Germany and will include multiple day trips and experiences to include:
the Nürburgring Car Racing Tourist Entertainment Park; the Institute for
European Sport Development & Leisure Studies in Cologne; Bonn
University Student Recreation Department; the German Army
”Bundeswehr“ Sports University in Warendorf; and YMCA Germany!
Program Facts
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Tentative Program Dates:
Thursday, May 23- Sunday, June 16
Program Leader(s):
You will receive 6 credit hours for the class:
REC 494: Professional & Recreational Sport Comparison: Europe vs.
Dr. Laura Spivey: [email protected] 910-962-2451
Jeff Nix: [email protected] 910-962-3251
Application Deadline: March 15, 2013
Dr. Spivey and Mr. Nix will be the primary instructors for this class, but
you will have multiple guest speakers and excursions (field trips) while in
Europe. There are no prerequisites for this class.
Program Activities and Features
In addition to the experiences near
Bonn, the trip will conclude with a 5
day excursion to Austria, Switzerland,
and other German locations to visit
attractions such as: AREA 47 (most
modern sports park in Austria); Lake
Constance (Switzerland) located on
the Rhine River at the foot of the
Alps; Olympic Village in Munich; and
BMW World. Students can explore
other parts of Europe at their leisure
during 2 "long weekends".
Applications are available through the program
leader, the Office of International Programs
and online at:
A $225 non-refundable deposit is due at time of application. Eligibility
Students are eligible to apply for this program if
they meet the following eligibility criteria:
• Degree-seeking student
• At least Sophomore standing at time of participation
• Good judicial standing
• 2.5 GPA at time of application
Lake Constance
Learn more at
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Estimated Program Fee:
Program Fee Includes:
AREA 47 in Austria
Bonn is located in the heart of Europe, making it easy to travel to several
of the most exciting historical and fascinating European locations.
Students benefit from the close proximity to important sites within the
region of the Rhineland and beyond.
• Medical insurance
• Shared (doubles) studio apartment with its
own bathroom and a kitchenette area as well as
a balcony. Also all housing during overnight trip.
• All transportation and associated fees for daily
and 5 day excursion(s)
•Welcome and farewell dinners
Additional Costs: (not included in program fee)
Students will also be able to tailor their experience via two “long
weekends” to explore other parts of Europe at their leisure.
• Round Trip Flight:$1,100
• Most Meals: $600
• UNCW Tuition: for 6 credits
• Funds to travel during "free" weekends
An excellent public transportation system helps access locations within
the region, throughout Germany and in neighboring countries.
Map & Images
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Federal and state financial aid may be applied
toward this program. Even if you are normally
ineligible for financial aid, you should submit a
financial aid application (FAFSA). You may find
that you are eligible for additional funding.
UNCW students may also apply for a UNCW
Summer Education Abroad Grant and additional
study abroad scholarships. Grant applications
and additional information are available a
BMW World
Web Sites
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UNCW is committed to and will provide equal educational
and employment opportunity. Questions regarding program access may be
directed to the Compliance Officer, UNCW Chancellor’s Office, 910.962.3088, Fax 910.962.3483.
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