Matching Technology

Matching Technology
Think about the instructional standard, objective or activity in the left-hand column. Choose at
least one form of technology from the right-hand column that could be matched with the
standard to facilitate instruction. There are no right or wrong answers, just your professional
opinion on which technology works best in which situation.
Standard, Objective or Activity
1. Students model mathematical concept
with manipulatives.
2. Students read informational text and
generate graphic organizer.
3. Students integrate the arts (music,
drama, dance, fine arts, etc.) to
represent key concepts.
4. Students learn and review factual
information such as scientific terms,
historical events, vocabulary, etc.
5. Students read various perspectives on
given topic and write to compare.
6. Students compose arguments (written
and oral) to support claims or position.
7. Students choose topic of interest and
engage in inquiry process.
8. Students engage in cultural explorations
beyond one’s own.
9. Students strengthen writing by planning,
revising, editing, rewriting and/or trying
a new approach.
Technology Available
A. Digital audio recorder
B. Interactive whiteboard
C. Prezi
D. Pencil and paper
E. Digital video camera
F. Animoto
G. Interactive response devices (clickers)
H. Googledocs
I. 3-D printer
J. Quizlet
K. Office suite (word processing, database,
L. Youtube
M. Wordle
N. Document camera
O. Popplet
10. Students design, conduct, evaluate and
share scientific experimentation.
Standards, objectives and activities based on Common Core State Standards in Mathematics/English Language Arts
& Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects, 2010