Inventory: Some of the pieces of information that could be... In a Program:

Inventory: Some of the pieces of information that could be included
In a Program:
- Options/streams or other patterns in the courses students select
- Degrees offered
- Required courses, electives etc.
- Goals/Competencies previously created (in visioning step) and to be later linked to
courses (in identify congruencies step) 1
In catalogue or otherwise already recorded for each course:
 Prerequisites
 Course code, name
 Calendar descriptions
 When courses are offered
For each course known best by who taught the course:
 Instructional Methods*2
 Assessment Methods*2
 Resources, equipment, materials tools available2
 Course Outcomes*
 Content Areas (taught, assessed)
 Threshold concepts3 (taught, assessed)
 Major concepts, theories and methods that are introduced and used
Related to IP3
 Experiential learning opportunities
 Undergraduate research experiences
 Aboriginal/Indigenous perspectives
 International content and approaches
Data collection Methods:
 Fluid Survey (
 Spreadsheet or text document
 Discussion with flip chart paper, chalkboard, sticky notes, white boards etc.
 Existing documents: Calendars, advising sheets, course outcomes
 The Curriculum Alignment Tool (CAT) includes sections for * information.
Association of American Medical Colleges notes content areas and competencies
Association of American Medical Colleges provides definitions (
Short summary of Threshold Concepts ( or detailed report