Northern Food Security: The Greenhouse Solution

Northern Food Security:
The Greenhouse Solution
November 7-8, 2012
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Session 2: Community Perspectives
Experiences in Developing a Community Greenhouse, Invermere, British Columbia
Bill Swan and Dale Wilker
Groundswell Network Society
1) Develop a compelling vision for your project.
“If you are not simultaneously terrified and excited by your vision you do not have a compelling vision.”
Ryan Eliason. Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network.
2) Establish clear goals and objectives associated with your vision.
3) Return to your goals and objectives often as you develop your project.
4) Feasibility analysis and a business plans are important – what is your long-term plan for
sustaining the project? This is very important to funders and partners also.
5) Build a project delivery team with a broad range of expertise and a passion for the project:
Team skills and attributes we benefited from:
• Education and community program development expertise
• Funding and partnership development
• Construction management
• Administration and accounting
• Communications and media
• Adaptive management, compromise, flexibility, conflict resolution, team players, high
tolerance for risk and a passion for leading edge ideas and solutions
6) Share your compelling vision to see who gets excited too – first step in partnership
development. Identify key enablers in your community.
7) Invest in community consultation and the design process – time, money, and expertise
8) Funding and Partnership development are essential. Leveraging is key.
9) Design & develop community programs concurrent with the building design process. Deliver
fun raising events that build momentum, attract support, demonstrate your goals, objectives
and overall theme of your project. This also informs your greenhouse design and attracts
partners. i.e. community charrettes, guest speakers, experiences from other communities,
special events, and media exposure.
10) Push the envelope, be daring, celebrate successes and mistakes, support all involved when
tough times are encountered and refer back to #1, 2 and 3 above.
Bill Swan
Project Leader
Groundswell Network Society
[email protected]
Dale Wilker
Board Chair
Groundswell Network Society
[email protected]