Adding UNCW courses Using “My Seaport” 


      Adding   UNCW   courses   Using   “My   Seaport”  


Go   to   UNCW   My   Seaport:


Login   to   “My   Seaport”   using   you’re   “My   Seaport”   Username   &   Password              





    Once   inside   “My   Seaport”  


Choose   the   SeaNet   button  



Login   to   SeaNet  


By   using   My   Seaport,   you   are   automatically   logged   in   to   SeaNet.

   However,   if   you   start   at   the   SeaNet   login   screen   (instead   of   My   Seaport)   you   will   need   to   login.

   Login   to   SeaNet   by   entering   your   UNCW   ID   number   and   PIN   (your   PIN   is   originally   the   6   numbers   of   your   date   of   birth   in   the   following   order,   2 ‐ digit   month,   2 ‐ digit   day,   2   digit   year).




      Choosing   the   correct   SeaNet   Menu  

Select   the   Option   “Student   Services   &   Financial   Aid”   to   register   for   classes.

                        Choose   “Registration”  


Verify   that   you   have   been   given   the   permission   you   need   to   register   for   advanced   level   courses  

Select   “Check   your   Registration   Status”      

Adding   Classes   through   SeaNet  


Choose   the   correct   term  

  Select   Registration   Term  


If   you   have   been   granted   any   special   registration   permissions,   the   course   information   would   be   listed   at   the   bottom   of   this   screen:  

If   professor   gave   you   permission   to   take   this   class,   then   the   overrides   you   need   would   be   listed   here.

   Most   frequently   you   would   need   major   &   pre ‐ requisite   overrides.

   If   the   overrides   have   not   been   entered,   follow ‐ up   with   the   professor   –   he   or   she   may   have   forgotten.


Once   Registration   Opens,   From   the   Main   SeaPort   Tab,   choose   “Add   Classes”  


Choose   Add/Drop   Classes,   scroll   down   to   the   bottom   of   the   screen.

   Enter   the   CRN   #’s   for   each   course   that   you   want.

   If   you   don’t   know   the   CRN   #’s,   click   “Class   Search.”  


To   search   from   the   list,   choose   the   subject   then   scroll   down   and   click   “Class   Search”  


Then   subject   screen   provides   a   list   of   all   the   available   courses   in   that   subject.

   Select   the   classes   you   want,   and   then   scroll   to   the   bottom   and   click   either   “Register”   or   “Add   to   Worksheet.”    

            Clicking   either   “Register”   or   “Add   to   Worksheet”   will   take   you   back   to   the   Add/Drop   Classes   screen.

   If   you   were   able   to   successfully   add   the   course   it   should   be   listed   at   the   top   under   “Current   Schedule.”   If   you   chose   to   “Add   to   Worksheet”   the   CRN   number   will   be   sitting   in   the   little   box   at   the   bottom   of   the   screen   waiting   for   you   to   click   submit.