ImageNow and WebNow Submissions 

ImageNow and WebNow Submissions
ImageNow is a document storage and retrieval system; WebNow is the web portal for ImageNow. Think of it similarly to
a physical file cabinet with drawers and student folders. You can put items in a student’s folder by emailing them to All submissions must include the Student’s Last Name and ID Number within the subject line.
We then upload that item for later use (can take up to one week to be uploaded).
Submit items that:
 Help you recall your interactions with a student
 Provide a clear understanding if a student issue arose and you weren’t available in the future to clarify the
student’s situation
Be aware:
 Any submission may be made public, so you will want to word your submissions accordingly (i.e. exclude
negative subjective judgements and sensitive/personal student information).
 There is a “Confidential” designation in which only certain groups can see the submission. If you need a
submission to be confidential, please contact the Director of the Office of Student Success.
 Keep submissions as factual, objective, and succinct as possible while providing enough information to aid future
Possible submissions:
 Advising Form
 Suggested plan of action (e.g. suggested courses to take or a plan to meet again)
 Referrals to other offices
 Notes about potential difficulties that might arise
o Student will likely not be admitted into academic program
o Student expresses dissatisfaction with something
o The need to do well in a course(s)
o Your caution of a student taking too difficult of a course load
o The need to complete requirements to graduate
 Documentation of communication/interaction (email, phone, mailed, or in‐person)
o If multiple emails occurred, submit a summary of the emails or the final email that encompasses the
interaction. Do not submit each email separately.
 Student missing a scheduled appointment or repeated attempts to contact an unresponsive student
 Approvals (e.g. course override granted)
 Student Evaluations within a course
 Student Credentials
 Program Admission Letters/Decisions
 Sub/Waiver Denials
All submissions must include:
Student’s Last Name and ID Number within the subject line.