ACM$ Drawdowns


ACM$ Drawdowns

How To Access ACM$

Award Cash Management $ervice (ACM$)

is the financial service for award payments that requires the submission of award level payment amounts each time funds are requested. ACM$ is accessed through

. ACM$ allows grantee institutions to submit cash requests and adjustments to open and closed awards, as well as access award level information on payments and award balances. Use the links below to access ACM$ user information:

Permission Guide$PermissionsGuide.pdf

Getting Started Guide


Drawdown Process

A Fiscal Analyst in the Sponsored Programs and Research Office (SPAR) will calculate the amount of the draw per sponsored project based on expenses posted in the Banner account. A screenshot of charges per project fund is used to show actual expense in each account. Since the funds can only be drawn on a reimbursement basis, the analyst is able to prepare, review, submit, and certify.

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