Music 207 Music of the World’s Peoples Musical Identity Essay

Music 207
Music of the World’s Peoples
Musical Identity Essay
This assignment asks you to think about where, how, and why you listen to music. What
purpose or function does music play in your day-to-day life? Has music played a role in
shaping or reflecting your sense of self and present identity? To what degree has
geographic location and personal history influenced your musical tastes?
Questions to consider (the last 2 are most important):
1) How do you experience music in your life?
Media: cds, mp3s, radio, etc.
Venues: public concerts, coffee shops, churches, etc.
Participation: playing in a band or other musical group, DJing, etc.
2) What kinds of music do you listen to? Do you find yourself listening to
different music for different purposes? Why? Which kinds of music serve which
3) In traditional societies, music was profoundly shaped by where one lived, and
to which culture one belonged. Has your musical taste been shaped by where you
are from, where you live? Does some of the music you listen to foster a particular
sense of time or place? Why or why not? To what extent have you invested in
local or regional music cultures where you have lived?
4) Imagine that someone steals your entire CD or mp3 collection. Without
knowing you, what might the thief guess about who you are (gender, social class,
geographical location, political beliefs, education, ethnicity, lifestyle, etc.)?
Reflect on the accuracy of this musical portrait.
Format: 3 typed pages, double-spaced; 12-point font