School Mental Health: Identifying Need and Building Capacity

Fall 2015
PSYC 670-600
Continuing Professional Development in School Psychology:
School Mental Health: Identifying Need and Building Capacity
Credit: 1 credit hour (non-degree). Prerequisite: Certification or licensure in school psychology
or allied field.
Instructor of Record: Antigo Martin-Delaney
Office Location: Kinard 110
Phone: 803-323-2117
Melissa Pearrow, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Counseling and School Psychology
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Training Focus:
This course will present an integrated systems framework for school mental health services.
Participates will explore the challenges and opportunities for providing mental health services in
Learning Objectives:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. To understand the interface of educational and mental health services
To understand the Integrated Systems Framework for School Mental Health Services
Provide practical applications of systems change initiative to enhance student outcomes
Demonstrate how partnerships enhance the work of both schools and community agencies
Show how braiding systems change initiatives with policy improves the quality of schools
Course Materials:
All course materials will be provided to students one week prior to the course via email. Each
student will be responsible for downloading and/or printing these materials. No printed copies of
materials will be available on the day of class.
Full day (7.5 hours) attendance and participation
Analysis of case studies
Completion of a “Reflection and analysis” (format will be provided)
Completion of a course evaluation
Grade Basis:
Students with Disabilities:
PSYC 670
Fall 2015
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Winthrop University is dedicated to providing access to education. If you have a disability and
require specific accommodations to complete this course, contact Program Director, Services for
Students with Disabilities, at 323-3290. Once you have your official notice of accommodations
from Services for Students with Disabilities, please inform the instructor of record for this course
as early as possible prior to the day this course meets.
Transcripts and Other Services
See separate handouts for information on obtaining transcripts and accessing Winthrop services
and facilities, including the library and student services.
PSYC 670
Fall 2015
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