October Meeting Minutes Welcome & Call to Order Roll Call

October Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2014 10:00am-12:00pm
University Golf Course Clubhouse
Welcome & Call to Order
President Linder called the meeting to order.
Roll Call
Attendees: Andi Armstrong, David Crowley, Kris Csorosz, Maryann Dunbar, Matt Filer, Molly FishburnMatthew, Rozlyn Haley, Chuck Harris, Jefferson Heath, Natalie Hiller-Claridge, Rochelle Krahn, Maggie Linder,
Mike Maas, Becky Maier, Maria Mangold, Denise May, Shaunagh McGoldrick, Paulette Nooney, Gloria Phillip,
Chelsey Porter, Kathy Reeves, Brandie Terpe, Renee Valley, Angela Weisenburger, Judy Wellert (Administrative
Associate), Forrider, Jonathan
Excused: Geri Fox, Grace Harris, Lisa Marie Hyslop, Jennifer Zellmer-Cuaresma
Minutes of September Meeting
Motion to approve minutes PASSED.
Financial Report
Senator Valley asked Senator Krahn about the bank service charges. Senator Krahn responded that the charge
represents the service charge associated with all credit card transactions. Motion to approve financial report
University Committee Reports
(additional info available in full report distributed prior to meeting; this info was discussed at the meeting)
University Planning Committee
The building project construction area in front of the School of Business Administration (SoBA) will house UM
Foundation offices and additional SoBA space.
IT Senate
Senator Nelson volunteered to serve on the IT Senate. Senators Forrider and Crowley are alternates/back-up reps.
University Council on Student Assaults
The grant-funded position will become permanent. “Make Your Move” is sponsored by the YWCA and cosponsored by the downtown association. It’s a campaign to advertise bystander intervention. Short video clips
appear as movie trailers in the UC Theater and posters and flyers are posted around campus.
University Library Committee
The learning commons area in the library will be updated and refurbished once funding becomes available. Max
Baucus’s files are currently stored in the basement. A 3-year plan includes hiring a staff person to catalog the
Staff Senate Committee Reports
Communication and Visibility Committee
Senator Armstrong reminded senators about the upcoming Title Boxing event. Senator Reeves commented that
the UM Dining garden tour (in September) was informative.
Fundraising Committee
Chair Mike Maas reported that the raffle fundraiser brought in over $1200.
Technology Committee
Senators discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using UM Box and Moodle to store and share Staff
Senate documents and share ideas. Motions to conduct trials of both Moodle and Box and to have technology
accessible during the November meeting PASSED.
Old Business
SB 1 14/15
Establishing a maximum amount of fundraising dollars to go toward scholarships will allow for Staff Senate to
put money toward other initiatives (e.g. professional development). Motion to strike language regarding
professional development from SB 1 14/15 DID NOT PASS. This topic is tabled until the November meeting;
the ad hoc committee formed to address professional development will meet and report back to the full SS in
New Business
Guest speaker
Cris Vance, UM’s Montana Public Employee Association (MPEA) representative, spoke about how MPEA
communicates with union members. Senators suggested ways in which to improve communication and visibility.
Wages, bargaining, and “right to work” legislation will likely be topics of interest for union employees during the
upcoming legislative session beginning in 2015. Motion to investigate options for posting union information on
the Staff Senate website PASSED.
Meeting with Commissioner of Higher Education Clay Christian
Senators in attendance will bring questions which they have prepared in advance of the October 9 th meeting.
Please refer to November committee reports for minutes/details.
Supervisor Evaluation
Senators discussed different models used on campus for employees to provide feedback for supervisors’
The meeting was adjourned at noon.
Next meeting: November 12, 2014, from 10 a.m. – Noon at UC 330/331