The Council of Student Leaders Monday, March 5, 2012

The Council of Student Leaders
Monday, March 5, 2012
Call to Order by Kambrell Garvin at 7:02 pm
Roll Call by Ashley Sineath
a. Present: Kambrell Garvin, Ashley Sineath, Shanique Sumter, Christine Counts-Davis, Marcus
Allen, Tia Humphrey, Monique Patton, Nicole Black, Jacob Mumpower, Ashley Roberts, Chris
Aubrie, Tyler Couch, Julianna Causey, Timothy Kroboth, Richard Ryan, Megan Mack, Keyara
Donna, Brittani Copeland, Zachary Henderson, Crystal Booker, Kristin Goode, Erin Gibson,
Andre Isaac, Julie Batt, Carole Reda
b. Absent: Kaitlin Sapp, Avin Jayawickrema, Mashario Morton, Marie Williams, Ian Deas, Iris
Approval of the Minutes/Agenda
Committee Reports
a. Election Commissionaire
i. Candidates have been certified
1. Vice President Candidate: Christopher Aubrie
2. President Candidate: Kambrell Garvin
ii. CSL members discussed the possibility of reopening the applications for candidates
iii. Write in option is available as seen in our General Election Procedure Guidelines
b. Political Action
i. Voter Registration
1. Up to 370+ completed voter forms, goal is 600
2. Drives scheduled for every Tuesday for the rest of the semester
3. Drives on Wednesdays nights outside of Dina’s Place before 8:00 pm
4. Planning an event about the importance of voting- cultural event
a. Discussion of history of voting
5. Voter Drive at Worldwide Winthrop Day
6. Possibly having Resident Assistants encourage residents to register
ii. Email Campaign
1. Reviewing the text of the email on Tuesday
2. Will be sent out after Spring Break
c. Student Empowerment
i. Customer Service Survey
1. Collecting all data by departments and categorizing negative and positive
2. Scheduling appointments for the departments for after Spring Break
3. Chose the five winners for the survey
d. Campus Engagement
i. Flyer for the upcoming elections
ii. Possible banner for the election process
iii. March 20, 27 and April 3- Tuesdays from 11-12:15 will be Meet and Greets
iv. Getting students more involved
1. Facebook, Eaglefest, Worldwide Winthrop Day
v. Sustainability Event (Cultural Event) April 11- tentative date
vi. Committee Chair has been changed to Jacob Mumpower
e. Campus Safety
i. Be Three Campaign
1. Redoing the bookmark- making a flyer
2. Flyers made to inform people about WU Alerts are being posted
3. Facebook Page to advertise the campaign
4. Making an advertisement video (March 23rd) to play on Digs television screens
and before movies played in Dina’s Place
f. Sustainability Taskforce
i. Dash for Trash on April 7, 2012- Flyer has been made
Open Floor
a. After Spring Break- DSU will hold a movie in the pool- Pirates of the Caribbean “Dive In”
Adjournment by Kambrell Garvin at 8:20 pm