September Voice/Fluency Homework Monday Tuesday Wednesday

September Voice/Fluency Homework
Pretend you are each
of the following
a. diving board b.
matches c. fly swatter.
Where would you
live? What would you
do? What would you
be made of?
Finish this a story:
One night I dreamed I
was in a very dark
forest. I was trying to
find my way home
when I heard a strange
What lives in a…?
1. hive
2. tree
3. forest
4. den
Finish this analogy…
1. The tree is dead; the
tree is __
2. My dog is fat; my
dog is ___
Finish this phrase:
1. a carton of ___
2. a piece of ___
3. a jar of ___
4. a herd of ___
5. a nest of ___
What am I?
1. I’m on both sides of a
river & I’m also a place
people put their money.
2. I’m what you do with
a car & I’m also a place
that has swings.
Tell all the steps
that you do when
you make a peanut
butter and jelly
Which sound do all of these words have in
1. sun—soup—said
2. take—time—tall
3. show—shoe—ship
Say a word that
ends with the same
sound as:
1. fire
2. ball
3. jar
4. rice
What does this
phrase mean?
1. She’s tickled
2. Zip your lip.
3. It sounds fishy.
Which does a …
1. teacher
2. judge
3. pilot
4. actor
Name one thing that you
would NOT do:
1. at school
2. in a swimming pool
3. in a restaurant
4. in a grocery store
What am I?
1. a fruit that
rhymes with reach
2. an animal that
rhymes with habit
What does this word mean?
1. shoe
2. stop
3. push
4. tardy
Finish the next line of
this poem:
1. The old king..
2. We watched Will…
3. The new light…
What do you do
1. a hammer
2. an oven
3. a broom
4. a shovel
Read a book with
Name as many things as possible that can…:
1. make a loud noise
2. be scary
3. be read
Finish this sentence…
1. You write with a __
2. You wash your ___
3. You plant a ___
4. You sing a ___
Retell the story that you read yesterday. Tell
who the characters are and where the story
took place.
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