LEGROS LOW-DOWN 2015-2016 School Year

2015-2016 School Year
For the weeks of November 23rd and 30th
Please mark Thursday December 10th at 7:00 pm for our First Grade show. We will
be going on our field trip to The Nutcracker on December 11th. Look for
information about gingerbread house making to come home Monday the 30th.
Related Arts
Monday: Art
Jack and
Tuesday: Library
Brady are facing
off. May the best
team win. Go
Bucks! Beat
Monday: Music
Tuesday: P.E.
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Library
Friday: Music
The students will be
visiting the book fair
these 2 weeks.
Academic Information
Literacy Information
In preparation for our
visit to Cinderella at
Jerome High School on
Monday, November 23rd,
we have been reading
several versions of the
Cinderella story. Some
of the versions we read
include CinderEdna,
Cindy Ellen, Cinderella
Penguin, Yeh-Shen, and
The Rough-Faced Girl.
We discussed similarities
and differences.
Math Information
Last week we played a
game called Equal Sums,
it is like “memory” but
with addition sentences,
students had to find 2
different sentences that
have the same sum. Our
Rich Problem was finding
the total number of gifts
given on the 12 Days of
Christmas, we also
worked on making a
graph of our favorite
Thanksgiving foods.
Social Studies
This past week we
discussed differences
between the past and the
present. We read a lot of
Thanksgiving books and
discussed the Pilgrims
and their voyage to the
new world. We discussed
life in the new world
and how the Indians
taught them survival