Bitterroot College of The University of Montana Meeting Location:

Bitterroot College of The University of Montana
Minutes of the Advisory Council
Meeting Location: Classroom 1, Bitterroot College Program, 274 Old Corvallis Road, Hamilton
Meeting Time and Date: 3:10 – 5:15 PM, Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Chair: Lynn Stocking
Vice Chair: Dixie Stark
1) Call to Order and Roll Call
Advisory Council members present: Terry Berkhouse, Pat Connell, Patricia Meakin, Deb Morris, Dixie Stark, and Lynn
a) Advisory Council members absent: Perry Brown, Jennifer Burdette, Heather Green, Roger Maclean, and Al
b) BC staff present: Victoria Clark (Director), Kathleen O’Leary (present for beginning of Director’s Report only) and
Patricia Skinner (Operations; taking notes)
2) Introductions
a) Members of the public present: Allen Bjergo (RC&D board chair), Suzy Foss (Ravalli County Commissioner),
Catalina Gerner (BC adjunct faculty), Glenn Kimball (BC Continuing Education Instructor), Colleen MurphySouthwick (past BC adjunct faculty), and Connie Ward (BC Advisory Council nominee)
3) Announcements and Documents Received
Discussion Summary: Connie Ward, GSK-Hamilton Procurement Manager and BC Advisory Council nominee, was briefly
introduced and welcomed.
4) Approval of Advisory Council Meeting Minutes from July 18, 2012
Discussion Summary: The minutes from July 18, 2012 were unanimously approved without changes.
5) Student Representative (Heather Green)
Discussion Summary: There was no student representative report due to the absence of Heather Green. Chair Stocking
relayed that Green had spoken to Victoria Clark recently and had told Clark that the issues Green had raised at the May
council meeting had been addressed.
Advisory Council Old Business
a) Advisory Council Vacancies (Nominating Committee)
b) Retreat Planning Update (Chair Stocking)
c) Branding Task Force Update – see supplemental material (Victoria Clark)
Discussion Summary: Dixie Stark presented Connie Ward as the nominee to fill the final local vacancy on the Advisory
Council. Ward provided the Council with more biographical detail (see supplemental meeting material), ending with a
statement of interest in the college and of serving on the council. Council members expressed approval of her
nomination. Chair Stocking thanked Ward for her application to the council and said that her nomination would be
decided shortly via an internal email.
Regarding planning for the Advisory Council retreat, Chair Stocking reported that discussions were underway and that
a facilitator and location had been tentatively identified. She said that more retreat details would go out to the council in
the coming week. Regarding the Branding Task Force, Clark stated that the branding committee had been formed and
that a first meeting date was being set for September. She noted that the UM was also currently undergoing market
analysis and that the BC branding effort would need to be in partnership with the UM effort. Clark said that the state’s 2year branding campaign was due to be completed by June 30, 2013.
Director’s Report
a) Programming
i) College
(1) Fall 2012 Enrollment Update – see supplemental material (Kathleen O’Leary)
ii) Continuing Education – Fall 2012 Update
Discussion Summary: Clark asked Kathleen O’Leary to report on fall 2012 admissions and registrations. O’Leary stated
that she had enrolled over 100 new students for the fall to date, which was slightly ahead of new student admissions from
the previous fall. She said that duplicated enrollment was at 552, 100+ students ahead of the same time last fall. She
noted that dual enrollment (early college) and recent high school graduate enrollments were also up from previous
semesters. O’Leary also commented that there was a noticeable increase in enrollment from the community of
Pinesdale. Pat Connell wondered how many students attending the Bitterroot College would not be in school if the
BCP Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 8-22-2012, Page 2 of 3
Bitterroot College did not exist. Connell suggested that the college conduct an entrance survey of new applicants, asking
them how they learned about the college, other educational options they were considering, etc. Connell also urged Clark
to have fall 2012 Bitterroot College enrollment data available for legislators as soon as possible. Patricia Meakin
commented that several BC classes had enrollments in the single digits and asked if enrollments in these classes were
expected to rise by the first day of class. Clark responded that she expected all but two or three classes to reach at least
10 students and that no class would be under seven students. Clark said that Contemporary Mathematics had already
been cancelled due to projected low enrollment.
With respect to fall BC Continuing Education courses, Clark noted that the course schedule was out but was still
undergoing a few revisions and additions. Clark emphasized that they would be running CompTIA A+ Certification again,
as several students had entered employment after completing the May class. Clark said that with Glenn Kimball and Pat
Connell the Electronics Basics class had been rethought and that now it was being presented in a shorter format with
more direct application to job/career entry. Glenn Kimball spoke briefly about the course and his enthusiasm for bringing
this type of entry-level training/educational opportunity to the Bitterroot Valley. Connell and Kimball commented on
marketing this course to high school students and veterans, as well as getting the word out through the local newspapers.
Suzy Foss suggested that Clark approach the Greater Ravalli Foundation about possibly offering scholarships for the
Electronics Basics course.
Clark next remarked on the upcoming Veterans’ Upward Bound courses, noting that starting this fall the courses
would be more broadly marketed, with the emphasis on refreshing and building skills rather than on college preparation.
Clark was urged to target younger veterans and use free radio advertising in the effort to get the word out about the
b) Community Outreach and Regional Issues
i) Ravalli County Fair Booth
ii) Cool Creatures/Hot Planet Science Lab Fundraiser (Friday, Sept 7)
iii) College!NOW Update
Discussion Summary: Before turning to the Community Outreach and Regional Issues highlighted on the meeting agenda,
Clark commented on the restructuring of the Bitterroot College website and the Federal government’s decision not to
fund College Access/Graduation Matters AmeriCorps positions in Montana. With respect to the website, Terry Berkhouse
suggested that in the future such a project could be assisted by a student intern or work study student. Clark asked that
all the council members visit the updated website and review their online advisory council member profiles. For new
members she asked that they submit a photo and brief biography which she would then upload to the Advisory Council
member webpage. For longer-serving members, Clark asked for changes or updates to member pictures and/or
biographies. With respect to the AmeriCorps issue, Clark said that despite the loss of these potential volunteers to assist
the college in connecting with local high schools, she was still planning on defining a path for better communication and
collaboration between the college and area school districts. Patricia Meakin noted that she and Wendi Fawns had
delivered a well-attended scholarship workshop earlier in the summer and that they hoped to continue offering these
workshops to area teenagers. Suzy Foss suggested that Clark connect with the Ravalli County information technology
officer to partner on a community resource webpage with respect to local educational opportunities and resources.
Clark then spoke about the need for volunteers the next week at the college’s fair booth. Clark also promoted the
upcoming Cool Creatures, Hot Planets Science Lab Fundraiser, noting that tickets for the event would be on sale at the
college’s fair booth. Dixie Stark decided to buy $100 worth of tickets to donate to students at Darby High School. Stark
asked other Council members to consider doing the same for students at other area high schools. Lastly Clark mentioned
the August retreat of the College!NOW group, relaying that the focus of the retreat was a recent publication of the
American Association of Community Colleges, Reclaiming the American Dream. Clark and Stocking, who also attended
the retreat, noted that defining and using comparable datasets to make evidence-based decisions was a theme of the
meeting. Clark said that she would forward the Reclaiming the American Dream report as well as a bulletin about defining
appropriate datasets for 2-year units to council members. Clark also mentioned that as part of the College!NOW process,
the College Brain Trust had been hired as a consultant by the Montana University System to assist the state’s 2-year units
in implementing the comprehensive community college mission at all the state’s 2-year units. Clark told the council she
would keep them informed as the College Brain Trust consultation process was further fleshed out.
Fiscal Issues
i) Monthly Fiscal Statements – see supplemental materials
ii) Bitterroot College Fund – UM Foundation
(1) Monthly Fiscal Statement – see supplemental material
(2) First Fifty Campaign Update
BCP Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 8-22-2012, Page 3 of 3
Discussion Summary: Clark introduced the council to the three monthly fiscal statement sheets, noting that currently the
only sheet of particular interest was the statement regarding General Funds. Clark noted that this statement was for
money to be used on college expenses only. She said that for fiscal year 2013 due to her decision to increase the number
of course sections offered that the BC’s General Fund Budget was on track to be about $35,000 in the red. Clark said that
she had hoped that the UM would have increased the BC’s budget between FY2012 and FY2013 due to the school’s
enrollment growth trajectory but that such had not been the case – that the BC’s General Fund allocation for FY2013 was
the same as for FY2012. Despite this situation, Clark had decided to go ahead and increase course offerings for fall 2012
as she felt this was in the best interest of the students. Clark told the council that she planned to fundraise the $35,000
deficit if needed. She did relay that is was possible she had over-calculated payroll and benefit deductions and that the
projected deficit might be considerably lower. Clark said she was waiting to hear back from a member of the Provost’s
budget staff to see if such might be the case. Deb Morris noted that the benefit amounts were presented in a confusing
manner on the fiscal statement. Chair Stocking said that budget bottom lines did fluctuate and that the projected deficit
might not be as dire as currently stated. Stocking said to wait for more detail.
Concerning the First Fifty fundraising campaign and plaque, Clark thanked Deb Morris for her photos of the Marcus
Daly Memorial Hospital commemorative plaque/sculpture. Clark apologized that she had not had time to make any
headway on the plaque project.
10) Public Comment
11) For the Good of the Order
Discussion Summary: With several requests from council members, Chair Stocking asked for a vote on the council
membership nomination of Connie Ward. Ward’s nomination to the council was unanimously approved. Terry
Berkhouse noted that the public frequently was no longer in attendance by the time the council reached “Public
Comment” on its agenda. Berkhouse suggested that “Public Comment” be moved to earlier on the agenda. Clark said she
would make this change for the next meeting.
12) Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM.
Meeting notes subscribed by Patricia Skinner and summarized by Victoria Clark