• The job typically requires knowledge of machining techniques... numerically controlled machine tool operating procedures, plus the ability to... f

Wieland Metals, Inc. is part of Wieland North America. Located in Wheeling, IL with a production
plant for rolled products, a slitting center and a tubing production. We are interested in hiring
Veterans for a variety of Manufacturing and Production related positions!! Wieland Metals
offers outstanding benefits like profit sharing, 401(k), health insurance, life insurance,
disability insurance, etc. We are an equal opportunity employer.
Fin Tube Machine Operator CNC, 2nd & 3rd Shift salary range 16-18 Hr.
The job typically requires knowledge of machining techniques and methods and familiarity with
numerically controlled machine tool operating procedures, plus the ability to follow written
instructions and read blueprint specifications and 2+ years of experience or equivalent. Sets up,
adjusts and check out programming, and operates numerically controlled machine tools to
perform a series of progressive machining operations on repetitive work to close and exacting
tolerances and finish specifications requiring considerable skill. Works from programming
instructions, operational data and machine setup instructions defining and coding tool
arrangements, material clamping methods, machine calibrations and console settings, for
operations such as bore, mill, drill, face, thread and occasional profiling and contouring. Check
parts for conformance to specifications. Operators may run more than one unit simultaneously.
Material Handler 3rd shift, starting salary 12-15 Hr.
To ensure all goods being shipped or received are in good condition and according to all
received documentation. To create safe and organized walkways and storage locations for the
use of every day items. Loads, unloads and moves material within plant, performing any
combination of duties: reads work orders or follows verbal instructions to ascertain materials or
containers to be moved. Lifts material with overhead crane or hand jack to various machines or
places in the plant. Sometimes uses a forklift to move parts from one division to another.
Cuts smaller tubes when time is available for shipping to specific customers.
Clean & Finishing Line Operator, some experience 1-2 shift, Starting salary 14-16 Hr.
Setup automated assembly machines. Make necessary adjustments, input start up instructions
and load feeder with proper parts. Monitor line operation and clear line jams, troubleshoot
operating problems, replace defective machine components and make minor repairs. Keep line
supplied with parts. Inspect assembled units for proper function dimensions and required
quality standards.
Veterans should e-mail their resume to: Randal.Dill@wieland.com
Wieland Metals, Inc.
567 Northgate Parkway
Wheeling, IL 60090-2682