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•  Advicewillbetoo
•  Reviewersaren’t
•  Reviewersaren’t
Before this course I was never able
to give insightful feedback. I always
gave vague and minimally useful
feedback. This vague feedback is
shown in the first peer review I
completed in this course. I answered
the questions, but provided very
little information the reader could
use to better their document.
•  Criticalfeedbackis
•  Criticizingsomeone
In the beginning of the
semester I struggled giving
concrete advice to my peers.
I didn't want to hurt their
feelings or give bad advice.
Throughout the semester, I
learned that giving
constructive advice won’t
hurt their feelings.
I never thought of myself as a strong writer, which
is why when it came to peer reviews I never
thought anyone would take me seriously.
•  accurateorthoroughfeedback
•  ahighergrade
•  provideconstruc5vecri5cism
•  evaluateaccuracyandappropriatenessofothers’feedback
•  competentlycri5queandreviseyourowndocuments
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Doing peer reviews several times this
semester has helped me give more
constructive feedback to my peers. I
mainly struggled with giving enough detail.
I would be vague with my explanations in
the beginning of the semester. It helped
seeing the peer reviews for my
assignments and practicing several times
throughout the semester.
The way that the peer
reviews were guided by
small prompts was largely
the reason for my
improvement. Those
prompts and questions,
combined with a minimum
word limit forced me to
examine deeper ways the
message and delivery
could be improved upon
such as tone, clarity, and
•  Workcreativelywithinlimits.
•  Makeedits.
•  Workcollaboratively
•  Acceptandreceivecriticismand
•  Developself-schedulingandselfdiscipline
Throughout this course, my feedback has definitely
improved. In the beginning I would answer the peer review
questions minimally. As the course went on I realized how
useful and helpful feedback was not just to my classmates,
but me as well. While I was reviewing other documents, I
was able to compare them to, learn, and improve my own by
breaking them down and critiquing them. With the career
choices I plan to make, providing ethical feedback will be
very important to work my way up in a company.
Throughout this semester I have realized that individuals in my classes
actually will take me seriously, especially because the peer reviews
were anonymous. I noticed that individuals truly deserved accurate
feedback and suggestions, and that I do know more than what I would
give myself credit for... In future assignment or jobs, if anyone asks for
me to review or edit anything I will do my best to give accurate, logical
feedback because I know they will take my suggestions seriously.
[Because] I utilized feedback for every assignment, I realized how
important it is and transformed my own review to be much more
useful. I will always be able to utilize this skill in everyday life and
professionally, being able to give quality feedback is a necessary
skill when leading or managing people.
I received a lot of negative feedback but when looking further
into it, it all made perfect sense. I took the negative feedback
and implemented the changes into the document… I changed
the formatting and addressed the fact that it looked like I
wrote the document in 5 minutes. After making changes, the
document looked and sounded more professional.