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Counselor’s Corner 2015 Bullying, Teasing, & Putdowns Author Spotlight Trudy Ludwig December’s Guidance Lessons Teasing and bullying can hurt students in many different ways. Our guidance lessons will focus on these effects, as well as how to respond to teasing, putdowns, and bullying. We will practice and role-­‐play the following strategies……. A Resource for Parents Laurie Coon, Glacier Ridge School Counselor [email protected] (614) 718-­‐8893 Strategies to use for teasing and putdowns......... 1. Be confident, say, “please stop!” in a firm voice. 2. Use humor. 3. Give an I message.....use your words and tell them how you feel starting with…. I feel sad, when you call me names, and I want you need to stop . 4. Change the subject or distract. 5. Give a compliment, this will shock and surprise! 6. Ignore, and walk away. 7. Say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Bullying Responding to a bully is a little different than responding to someone who occasionally teases us. Bullying occurs when someone… *hurts us emotionally or physically on purpose over and over again. *causes serious harm. * is one sided. *causes us not to want to come to school. Strategies to use for bullying................ 1. Stay close to friends, bullies tend to pick on those students who are alone. 2. Be confident, hold head up, shoulders back. Bullies target those who they think are weak. 2. Tell them to stop in a firm voice. 3. Ignore, ignore, ignore! (Don’t feed them power and attention.) 4. Try to stay far away from the bully. 5. If the above strategies don’t work, get an adult to help!! Check out the GRE Guidance Webpage or twitter account at @gre138 for the latest information about classroom lessons, student and parent resources, student leadership, greeter club, and more!